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Contemplating solo travel in Africa?


Have you ever dreamed of packing a bag and heading out into the great unknown… all on your own? There are many reasons for travelling on your own, but whatever your individual circumstances, if you’re setting out on a solo adventure get ready for one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences of your life.

It’s no wonder the number of solo travellers around the world has seen an enormous increase in recent years – and just keeps on growing. These people are embracing the opportunity for reflection and self-discovery; the chance to make new friends; and the freedom to see the world without having to accommodate someone else’s interests, travel style and pace.

If you’re drawn to this idea, but nervous about embarking on your first solo trip, a safari in Africa is one of the greatest ways to ease yourself into this brave new world. 

Yes, you’ll be traveling alone, but there’ll be no opportunity for loneliness. You’ll be in the company of guides, trackers, camp staff and fellow travellers the whole time. It means that help and company will always be on hand, whether you’re sitting down to dinner or viewing Africa’s extraordinary wildlife from the back of a Jeep.

Still feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the thought of travelling alone for the very first time? We are here to help. We celebrate solo travellers, and make it easy and safe for them to enjoy the wonders of Africa – including major cities that can be daunting for even the most seasoned adventurers. Our goal is always to make your travel effortless.

So take a deep breath and pick up your phone! We’d love to talk to you about Africa-for-one, and help you get ready to embark on the solo adventure of a lifetime.

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We offer three main styles of travel for solo explorers:

Tailor-made solo trips

We specialise in tailor-made trips to Africa for every type of traveller, and solo explorers are no exception. On a tailor-made trip everything is done for you, so if you’re even slightly concerned about going it alone, this is one option to help put your mind at rest. Somebody will be there for you at every step of the way, from the moment you get off the plane, right until you step back into the airport at the end of your unforgettable adventure. We use the greatest guides, drivers and local experts, and only recommend the camps and lodges that we know are great for solo safari holidays in Africa. It means you’ll have all the support and company you could wish for – but also alone time whenever you want it. Our favourite places for solo travellers are smaller properties where you’ll dine with your hosts and fellow guests in a relaxed and social environment. If you visit more than one camp you’ll have the luxury of meeting new and different characters when you move on. And if you’re on a budget we can recommend properties that are easily accessed, with cost-effective transport options, and no, or very low, single supplements.

Small group tours

Travelling solo but on a group tour is a great option if you’re a bit hesitant about holidaying on your own. For starters, you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics of your trip, as you’ll travel with tour leaders and guides who will take care of everything from bills to border crossings, answer all of your questions and thrill you with tales about Africa. We only recommend a handful of the finest small group tours – again, we recommend tours with no, or low, single supplements – to ensure our guests receive personalised attention and a first-class experience all the way. Small group tours also ensure you always have a “window” seat, which is paramount when you’re on a game drive to spot Africa’s unique wildlife. A small group tour is also a brilliant option if you’re worried you might feel lonely and need some company on your trip. It offers the perfect blend of companionship when you want it, and “me” time when you need some time alone. You’ll travel with the same group of like-minded solo travellers from start to finish, and share amazing experiences that will bond you for life. You might start out on a solo trip, but you’ll come home having made new friends.

Private guides

If you have the budget, a great way to do a solo trip in Africa is with a private guide. This option ensures you have not only a private guide, but also your very own vehicle… or even your own aircraft, if you wish. It’s the ultimate in bespoke, stress-free freedom. From the moment you arrive you’ll be greeted by your guide/driver, who will accompany you for a particular segment of your holiday, or the entire time you’re in Africa – the choice is yours. We only work with professional, unflappable and smartly turned-out professional drivers and guides with great driving skills, great local knowledge and the ability to inform and delight with every story. They will unravel the secrets of any city you care to visit, making the experience safe, fun and easy. They’ll accompany you to your chosen safari camps, placing you in the safe and expert hands of camp guides and managers, and waiting there until you’re ready to leave in a daze of post-safari wonderment. A trip to Africa accompanied by your own private guide is a great travel option for anyone opting to go it alone and wanting an effortless experience.

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