Encompass Africa
Cancellation policy

A cancellation policy is the furthest document from your thoughts when you book a holiday with Encompass Africa. However, the unexpected may happen so we encourage all clients to read the following policy and ensure they are fully aware of Encompass Africa’s cancellation policy and take out necessary travel insurance to cover potential loss due to any cancellation.

Confirmation process
Upon signing a booking form with Encompass Africa, clients are agreeing to the terms and conditions including the cancellation policy and entering into a contract with Encompass Africa.

We recommend clients take out special travel insurance (not rely on insurance often through credit cards or banks) that includes cancellation or curtailment of holidays for any reason.

Cancellation process

In the event that a client wishes to cancel a holiday that has been arranged, booked and paid for by Encompass Africa on the client’s behalf, the following will apply.

  1. The client may only cancel the booking by providing Encompass Africa with written notice including the names of all travellers involved and the signature of the lead traveller. If it is a group arrangement, consent of cancellation is required in writing for all travellers.
  2. Written notice must be received in the post or be a letter with hand written signature that is scanned and emailed. Email notification will be accepted but not actioned upon until notice with a handwritten signature is received.
  3. Cancellation will be effective only from the day the notice with written signature is received by Encompass Africa.
  4. Encompass Africa will acknowledge receipt of the cancellation.
  5. Encompass Africa will then arrange for each holiday component to be cancelled as requested in the written notification by the client



Cancellation fees

  • 61 days or more before travel, 30% deposit
  • 60 days or less prior to travel, 100% of price payable

Deposit amount
Encompass Africa charges clients 30% of land arrangements for deposits and airfare payment in full. Therefore, should a client cancel their holiday in writing, they are agreeing to losing the full deposit amount that has been paid to Encompass Africa and in turn, passed onto the airlines and African partners.

If your cancellation falls within the provisions of your travel insurance policy,  you may be able to make a claim, which must be made direct to your insurance company. It is important to remember that clients can submit a claim for the total amount of lost deposit against their travel insurance.

If Encompass Africa has booked and paid for air tickets on behalf of a client, cancellations will be made by Encompass Africa once written notice from the client is received. Depending on the type of seat booked and airline terms and conditions, Encompass Africa may receive a refund from the airlines which is usually the tax amount paid per ticket.

Encompass Africa, at its absolute discretion, can retain airline refunds to cover any administrative and operational costs incurred as a direct result of the client’s cancellation and the necessary process.