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Group travel is a great idea because it allows you the opportunity to explore and share experiences with others who have a similar mindset, creating great conversations and bonding experiences. At the same time, you’re widening your circle of companions who share an interest in Africa.

Equally, on our Africa group tours all of the details are taken care of. With a tour leader or guide by your side, all of your transfers, activities, and accommodations are planned ahead of time and not by you! A tour leader can also help alleviate any issues that may emerge as a result of travelling.

Group tours Africa also often provide great perks like line-skipping, special treatment, and exclusive access.

One of the best parts of being on a group tour in Africa is learning from the other travellers you are with.  Since everybody brings different cultural backgrounds and learning experiences to the table, they can offer unique insights and perspectives to the things you see and do together.

It’s ideal too for solo travellers because it gives you the freedom to explore alone with the added protection and advantages of travelling with other like-minded individuals.

Of course it can also make a difference on your budget because group tours split costs with more people.

Just keep in mind, the downside is a lack of independence and flexibility because the tour details are set. Equally, you need to be patient and kind because you spend an intense, concentrated period of time with other people.

There is no price on sharing memories and experiences with others. In fact, sometimes your travel memories become so bound up in who you were with at the time it is hard to say whether you enjoyed the place more or being with others to experience it.

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