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Horse Riding Safaris in Africa

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Horse riding safaris in Africa are the ultimate way to combine the pleasure of riding with the thrill of an Africa safari. You explore the beauty and serenity of the African bush on horse back and get really close to wildlife.

On horseback, you become one with the environment – sharing the same sights, scents, sounds and excitement of the African wilderness. The human scent is masked by the horse, so you really do get remarkably close to the animals.

So if you are contemplating horse riding safaris in Africa, we can help. Catering to all riding levels, there are itineraries for beginner riders in wilderness areas with fewer predator dangers right through to holidays for the most advanced riders who can experience the ultimate horse riding safari getting close to Africa’s Big Five – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. We work with the best horse riding camps that offer quality horses and tack plus outstanding guides who keep you safe and ensure your horse riding safari is a truly remarkable holiday for all the right reasons!

Accommodation varies depending on what style of riding and wilderness you seek, from traditional romantic and rugged fly camping to luxury tented camps and lodges.

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Good to Know for Horse Riding Safaris in Africa

Horse riding safaris are available to all ages and abilities because we work with a variety of properties throughout Africa, particularly South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia. 

There are all types of horse riding safari holiday itineraries possible, from set departure small group packages to lodge and camp based safaris, day horse riding as an activity to the most adventurous mobile/ fly camping horseback safaris. Another bonus is many of our preferred properties have alternative activities for non riding guests so everyone is happy.

Most horse riding outfits provide all of the tack, you simply take your clothing and shoes. We will need your helmet size before hand to ensure they can cater for you.

Okavango Delta Horse riding

Horse riding in Botswana and the Okavango Delta is one of the most rewarding safaris for experienced riders. Imagine being high on your horse above long grass and reeds with wildlife before you moving across the floodplains grazing on grasses.  You ride along pathways created by the animals themselves and through the shallow waterways.

One of our all time favourites is Okavango Horse Safaris (there are others too) known as the original riding safari. Founders PJ and Barney Bestelink know everything there is about horse riding and provide our guests with exceptional experiences every time. Their bush accommodations, three in total are all positioned in breathtaking wilderness and wildlife is impressive.  Main Camp is Kujwana and Mokolowane is secondary.

The third camp is fly camping under the stars.  You can base yourself at the main camp or do the circuit.  Main camp is great for families because it has great accommodation, swimming pool and wifi not to mention a brilliant tree house over the Xudum river. It catches that refreshing afternoon breeze and wildlife often wander by.

Non riders enjoy game drives with their own guide, power boating, fishing, walking and mokoros.  Minimum recommended age is 12 and children must be competent riders to join the horse riding safaris. You will be required to show a pony club certificate to attest the level of experience (or from a qualified teacher).

Children can stay with the non riding parent and partake in other activities. You move with the horse riders to other camps and simply head out with your guide when the riders venture out.

Horse riding in Kenya

Perhaps the most famous and quintessential horse riding safari experience is in Kenya. You can try a Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park horse riding safari with our partners and friends, Ride Kenya and Offbeat Safaris.

Whether you stay in the Masai Mara Reserve itself or the private conservancies of Olare Motorola, Naboisho and Mara North, you have the opportunity to see the wildlife from horseback. This is for experienced riders because you are highly likely to come across large mammals and indeed predators.  As they say ‘you are more likely to come across the paw print of a lion than the footprint of a human.’ Ride Kenya.

Why not savour a simple two hour morning or afternoon horse riding safari, a group horseback safari or for the more avid riders, a tailor-made multi-day Kenya Riding safari?

Best time to go on Horse riding safaris in Africa

Horse riding safaris in Africa are available all year round in most of the counties in which we operate. Some wildlife sightings are seasonal, so it comes down to what you want to see and how experienced you are as a rider. Also, keep in mind the seasons and whether you cope well with the heat or not – it has huge impact on your enjoyment factor.


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Our five night horse riding safari was amazing. The horses were amazing, our guides super and they made my dream come true. I have to go back to Africa again soon.

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