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Mozambique offers a genuine ‘African’ beach holiday plus fantastic safari opportunities in remote and relatively unknown wilderness areas. It sits on the southeast coastline of the African continent and neighbours multiple countries. Tanzania in the north, Zambia and Malawi to the Northwest, Zimbabwe in the West, South Africa to the southwest and Swaziland to the south. To its east is the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean with white sandy beaches studded with palm trees. It certainly is a beautiful beach holiday destination yet one cannot forget its wilderness, mountains and forests.

Known as a friendly country with diverse landscapes and distinctive and vibrant culture, Mozambique beautifully blends African, Arabic, Portuguese and Indian influences to give visitors an unforgettable African holiday experience.

Mozambique beckons with swaying palms, endless coastlines, remote archipelagoes of islands and opportunities for safari adventure holiday on land and sea. The Marine version of the Big five is here, whale sharks, manta rays, hammerheads, reef sharks and sea turtles. Some of the finest dive sites are here along the coastline from Vilanculos to Tofu and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Whilst it’s off the map for most, a luxury Mozambique holiday is high on our list for its history, colonial-style architecture, stunning stretches of beach, tropical islands and untouched vastness of bush that’s abundant with wildlife. Dhow sailing, kayaking, diving, snorkelling to canoeing, walking safaris and game drives await.

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“We have nothing to lose, and a world to see.”

– Anonymous

Mozambique at a glance

Three times the size of Britain, Mozambique stretches 2,500 kilometres along the east coast of Africa and over time has played a crucial role in international trade, from spices to slaves. Civil war and poaching wreaked havoc on the country’s formerly abundant wildlife but times have changed significantly. Turning conservation areas into earners of foreign exchange has become a government priority and thus national parks are becoming attractions once again. These days, Mozambique holidays offer wonderful relaxation, water experiences and land safaris for those willing to go off the beaten track.

Much of the country’s colourful history, especially Arab and Portuguese influences, can be seen through architecture, diverse cultures, food flavours not to mention artworks, music, dance and literature. The Bantu speaking people were first residents here, migrating through the Zambezi herding cattle until they arrived on the plateau and coastline where they settled. Then along the coastline, Swahili and Arab settlements formed bringing trade with the Far East, the Spice Route. Next was the Portuguese influence as they seized control in the 16th century and expanded their power over Mozambique. In the 19th century, British companies became involved in trade and by 20th century large private companies were controlled and financed by Britain. In 1964 a guerrilla war took place against the Portuguese rule and after 10 years, independence prevailed. It was short-lived as the country succumbed to a long and violent civil war. It ended in 1992 and within a year, more than 1.5 million refugees from Mozambique returned to the country.

Mozambique history is something guests learn during their stay as locals can be open in talking about it if you’re interested.

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