Five reasons to choose a South Africa Safari as your first safari holiday

posted 23rd August 2016 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

South African safari

Number one – Big Five

South Africa is home to the big five and believe it or not, this is no mean feat! Many wildlife areas can no longer make this claim but it is still the case in South Africa’s main reserves. See fourth reason below on public and private reserves. You will certainly hear the term Big Five used a lot when reading about Africa safari holidays. It was originally a hunting term used by the ‘great white hunters’ as they are referred to back in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hunting was hot and the thrill was in the chase back then and when on foot, the five most dangerous animals were elephant, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. These days, the only shooting we allow our guests to do is through the lens of their camera.

Number two – affordability

Any international holiday has a price tag – you factor in flights, insurance, all meals, land arrangements, activities and the dollars add up. So the great thing about a safari holiday in South Africa is that the currency is Rand and the first world currencies stack up well against it. The Australian Dollar is very strong against the Rand, currently hovering between 9 to 1 and 11 to 1(Rand to AUD).

Number three – cosmopolitan Cape Town

Whether you want to start in Cape Town with time to recover, relax and reward the senses or end there because you want to shop after safari, this city has it all. Coastal casual elegance is what you can expect with a really contemporary and creative edge. Vibrant night life, outstanding restaurants, cafes and bars, significant historic monuments, spectacular scenery and wildlife to name a few.


Number four – public and private

What does this mean? Well, there are public ‘national parks’ run by the government in South Africa and then there are private reserves run by active conservationists and people dedicated to preserving Africa’s wilderness and wildlife. There are pros and cons to each and our job as specialists is to talk you through it so you understand what would suit you best. It does not have to be one or the other, you can split your time between public and private reserves.

Check out the official South Africa National Parks website where you can see live webcams of waterholes for a taste of wildlife encounters that await your South Africa safari holiday.

Number five – freedom to explore

Our tailormade holidays can include time on a small group tour if you like that way of travel. For many of our guests, they want the freedom to explore so our tailor made safari holidays are ideal. Whether you’re a family, solo traveller, couple or group of friends, South Africa offers great flexibility.

You may choose to have your holiday fully organised with road and air transfers or like many are doing these days, self driving around South Africa. We provide the vehicle, driving instructions, accommodation and away you go!  Families are loving it for the flexibility to explore at their own pace and stay in owner run properties for that personal service and safety. Couples enjoy it for the romance of the open road and a road less travelled.

We have explored the country by road from top to bottom. We can talk to you about everything from farm stalls that line the country’s roads to the hot places to stop for a drink, where you’ll get the truly meet the locals and identify the very best accommodation to suit your variables like time, money, and style of stay!

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