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The world's most biodiverse island

Madagascar was marooned from the mainland over 165 million years ago. Since then, it’s forged its own evolutionary path thanks to its geographic isolation from the rest of the world.

Madagascar carries its unique cargo of flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. Of the 200,000 wildlife species, 80% are only on Madagascar, now that’s impressive.

Madagascar is often referred to as the “Eighth Continent” due to its size and isolation and it’s the fourth largest island in the world.

Madagascar’s most famous resident is the lemur and there is a massive diversity of species you can spot by day and night from the smallest mouse lemur to the large and impressive Indri. Home to half the world’s chameleon species (150 world wide, more than 70 found here), Madagascar holidays get you close to these multi-coloured creatures famous for elastic tongues, bulging eyes and camouflage ability.

You can also experience white sandy beaches, coral reefs, dreamy archipelagos of islands not to mention breathtaking rainforests, unique limestone formations and mass baobab trees. Less known is the diversity of cultures here and something many of our guests find absolutely fascinating and surprising.

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

-Helen Keller

Madagascar at a glance

Madagascar sits approximately 2,000 kilometres off the south east coast of Africa and is a real adventure destination. Infrastructure is not nearly as developed as mainland Africa so prepare for rough and ready. 

The country is certainly a natural wonder, home to 5% of all known flora and fauna. You go on a Madagascar vacation to immerse in mother nature, trek through unique rock formations, swim in waterfalls and come close to playful lemurs. Beyond wilderness and wildlife, Madagascar’s culture is equally diverse and unique. You find rice paddy fields encircling the city, more Asian than African colourful street markets and various denominational churches and impressively diverse architecture. Madagascar is a melting pot of cultures with African, Indian and Arabic descent.

The country also has an ancient king, a system of spiritual taboos that govern traditional life across the island and many sacred sites.  You will hear ‘fady’, it’s the system of taboos and as you travel through the various regions, what becomes clear is just how difficult this concept is to grasp for visitors.

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