Donna Watson’s 12 night solo safari in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana

“If you do nothing else in life you have to go to Africa – it’s an adventure of a lifetime.”



Why did you choose Encompass Africa?
“I chose Encompass Africa for their personal service – nothing beats connecting with people who know Africa well, and they had superior knowledge, itinerary quality and price. Talking about and planning my African trip was exciting, but nothing compared to actually experiencing it. I loved working with Gen and the team at Encompass Africa, and I’d describe their service as über-excellent!”

How do you describe your entire experience?
“When my friends ask me how was my trip, there are two words I can’t help but use – absolutely awesome!! Those words sum up the total experience.”

What was the highlight of your solo Africa trip?
“No words can describe the feeling you get seeing the wild animals – that you have only ever seen on TV or read about in the flesh and up-close. My solo Africa trip was truly magical.”

Where did you go?
“I stayed in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and passed through Kenya and Zambia. All the African people I met along the way (staff or strangers) were lovely, warm, friendly and very helpful. All of my expectations for this adventure were not only met, but exceeded.”

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Any advice for others considering Africa?
“If you do nothing else in life, you have to go to Africa – it’s an adventure of a lifetime.”

Any negatives?
“There was only one hiccup, but I wouldn’t call it a negative, I’d call it part of the adventure. Due to airline agreements and regulations and the different airlines I was travelling with, my luggage couldn’t be checked through to Tanzania from Brisbane. It meant I might need a visa before I could go through customs in Kenya (transiting through). So would I need a single-entry visa, transit or no visa? I decided to purchase the single-entry visa, which was a little more money but also more days as I didn’t want any unintentional issues with immigration.”

[Note from EA – We recommend transit visas and proof of onward arrangements be at hand. Also, cash for visas – don’t rely on cards.]

How would you summarise your solo Africa trip?
“My holiday far, far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been on holidays where the hype doesn’t meet the actual experience, but this time was different. Having said that, words do not do it justice – you have to actually feel the experience, which is mind-blowing. I was so happy with all of my guides! They were wonderful people; warm, patient and friendly. I have great respect for their abilities as I couldn’t see many of the animals they spotted from long distances until they pointed them out. Even my transfer drivers were friendly, helpful and informative about the areas we were driving through. They were like your own personal guides, giving you information about what you were seeing along the way – how the people of that area live and make their living; the landscapes; the crops growing and the animals.”


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Gen from Encompass Africa says:
“I loved working with Donna. She is such a wonderful woman and really knew the experiences that interested her most. I was able to provide some great options and activities to get Donna exactly what she was looking for… and a little more!”

Gen’s suggestion for Donna’s next African adventure:
“I know Donna is keen to return to Tanzania and slow down the pace to savour every moment all over again. But I think I’d love to see her exploring Kenya. It’s such a wonderful experience with landscapes, cultures and wildlife that would impress Donna and many of our solo travellers. It’s also fun flying from place to place, with a little less time in transit.”

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