Meet the team

Meet the team

African safari specialists Encompass Africa

The Encompass Africa team share a passion for Africa and a commitment to doing everything in our power to contribute to its future. Our values are aligned with an emphasis on exceptional personal service, creativity and conservation at our core.

We value time: yours, ours and our partners. We are leaders in our field. We innovate and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the pack. We listen, commit, care and serve each and every one of our guests.

As a highly experienced group of African travel specialists with a combined experience exceeding 50 years, we work hard to share the beauty of Africa with you. Each of us brings a set of specialised skills and experience to benefit you and the lives of those in Africa.

We make a difference one safari at a time.

Jonathon Wilson

Founder | Adventurer

Africa is my birthplace and somewhere I will always return time and time again. The idea behind Encompass Africa has always been to bring to life childhood dreams of incredible journeys amongst Africa’s famous wilderness and wildlife. It’s about giving guests the opportunity to encounter inspiring, immersive experiences with Africa’s animals, tribes and people on a continent that for me, is the most exciting, rewarding and life changing destination on earth.

Growing up in Africa, living, working, guiding and continuously travelling means each journey the team and I create is based on our ongoing learning, passion for authenticity and preference for immersive style travel where you get to really see, feel, touch and smell the world around you as much or as little as you like. That’s the beauty of tailormade travel, it’s designed to fit you precisely.

Our guests value our professional expertise, personal insight gained through first hand experience and of course our commitment to service and care. A tradition of fine Africa safari holiday tailoring, we are known for handcrafting bespoke itineraries that flatter your interests and exceed your expectations.

To spend time as a couple, group of friends or a family on a safari created just for you is the luxury of the experience. Some of my fondest memories are with my family and friends in Africa.  Being able to share these incredible experiences with you on your own journey and have the trust in us to deliver your holiday of a lifetime is what Encompass Africa is all about.

I like to think I have put together the ultimate team – African safari specialists Encompass Africa.

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African safari holiday packages offering photographic safaris with Jono Wilson
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African safari holiday packages offering private guided safaris with Jono Wilson
African safari holiday packages offering wildlife safaris with Jono Wilson
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Jonathon in Africa

Danica Wilson

Leader | Guest Services | Creative

I come from creative stock, an outside the box thinker, a passionate and motivated person with a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Marketing and International Business under my belt. My career and education both stand me in good stead for grasping and delivering the principles of ‘exceptional service’. Since 2003 Africa has been my world. Now considered one of the ‘well versed’ professionals in the industry, I create holidays to Africa of all shapes and forms. I’ve travelled extensively – that comes with the territory and my explorations have been in the form of solo travel, honeymoon safaris and more recently family safaris with two small children in toe.

I get a kick out of learning everything about my guests and what they are thinking when it comes to their dream African safari holiday. Then the challenge and my competitive streak kick into gear as I work hard to create the ultimate safari holiday itinerary that really blows expectations out of the water.

If I do my job well, you come home raving about your holiday, referring family and friends to us and venturing back yourself.

Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa gorge swinging over Victoria Falls
Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa on a Luxury Zanzibar holiday
Africa travel specialists, Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa on a Tanzania safari holiday
Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa
Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa on a Zambia safari
Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa on a Zanzibar Holiday
Danica head of Marketing and African safari specialist at Encompass Africa
Danica in Africa

Gen Thurgood

Africa Specialist (Brisbane based)

South Africa was my birthplace and I lived just outside Johannesburg for the first four years of my life. We then moved to Melbourne, Australia and annually returned to South Africa for holidays with my Grandparents who owned a game reserve in the Greater Kruger region.  Nothing beats growing up with a fine appreciation for the bush and its wildlife. My cousins would take me on bush walks and I soaked up every bit of information shared. My uncle was a proud guide, so our game drives were fascinating and fun.  When an opportunity arose to work in the Africa travel industry I of course said yes. Six years later as an Africa travel specialist in Melbourne, I decided to move to the sunshine state. Work took me in a different direction for a few years and I longed to return to a job where I could give people the opportunity to live their dream of a safari holiday.  So here I am at Encompass Africa.

Some of my fondest adventures were the active safaris in remote off the beaten track locations so I could get away from the crowds. Walking in South Luangwa, falling asleep with a herd of buffalo congregating under my room on stilts on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater are two I recall with great fondness. More recently I was blessed with a trip to Uganda and the opportunity to get close to mountain gorillas.

I look forward to sharing my experience, passion and enthusiasm for Africa and designing an itinerary that will bring your safari dream to life.

Gen African safari specialist at Encompass Africa on a Tanzania Safari
Uganda safari equator
Uganda Safari Murchison Falls
Gen Uganda Safari Gorilla trekking
Gen Uganda Safari Gorilla trekking. Luxury African safari
Gen in Africa

Stephanie Osorio

Africa Specialist (Sydney based)

I was born and raised in England, and during my studies for an Anthropology degree at Edinburgh University, I travelled to South Africa and got bitten by the ‘Africa bug’ as the industry calls it.

Since then I’ve spent a lot of time travelling in Africa and quickly realised it is where my heart belonged. The rest is history really. I worked for the best luxury outfit in the UK and now I’m here working for the best in Australia – it’s quite exciting.

Certainly well versed in luxury tailor-made travel, I’m excited to share my expertise and knowledge with you not to mention my passion for Africa.

African safari adventure Steph and Andy
African safari adventure
Steph in Africa

Katie Branson

Guest Services 

I found my appreciation for the natural beauty of the land by growing up on a farm in Queensland’s Darling Downs region. With a long held love for history and culture, the travel and adventure bug was quickly ignited in me while on a school trip to the United Kingdom. This fascination for other countries, and the unique history and sights they have to offer, prompted me to attend the University of Queensland to study political science, graduating with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and History. My degree certainly furthered my interest in travel, and helped me make my way to the amazing team at here Encompass Africa in early 2016.

I work with Danica on the Guest Services side of things, and support the team of African safari specialists Encompass Africa. I’m committed to making sure the lead up to your departure is effortless, just like the actual adventure that the team has created for you. I’ve traveled a little in South Africa, Botswana, and Victoria Falls, and was certainly bitten by the African safari bug.

Always here to answer questions, the team and I are just a phone call, email, skype or drop in visit away.

Botswana safaris
Botswana safaris, air safaris
Katie in Africa

Aymar Heyns 

Safari Guide

Life is full of surprises, opportunities and breath-taking moments that present themselves when we least expect it. When life slows down it gives us a brief chance to change our perspective and to appreciate what we have. Growing up in South Africa and having spent the last 23 years living there has undoubtedly shaped and changed my perspective of what the world, and in particular Africa, has to offer. At the age of six I decided, although not knowing how and simply fuelled by my curiosity towards all creatures, that I was going to live in the African “bush”. This drive and enthusiasm for nature, particularly African wildlife, was the foundation upon which my life developed and provided the basis for the career I have been fortunate enough to pursue.

I have been involved in the industry for the past five years as a safari guide, host, and photographer embracing my dream of living in the African bush. My experience of South Africa and its wildlife have been nothing shy of spectacular. I have been privileged to see a diverse African picture including; the humour in a cheeky leopard cub chewing on my boot; joyful frustration in hand rearing an injured rhino calf and attempting a weekly “mud bath”; being towered over by a giant African elephant when out on a stroll and allowing curiosity to get the better of me; forming lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life I encountered on my journey; the inspirational contribution active community projects make towards conservation; the devastation caused by poaching and the undeniable impact travelling guests have towards preventing it.

Africa is often overshadowed by political unrest, sensationalised media headlines and does not always receive the recognition it deserves. Africa is full of surprises, has an abundance of opportunities and overflows with breath-taking moments that temporarily freeze time long enough for you to imprint them in your mind. A reminder of seemingly surreal moments never to be forgotten.

As I embrace a new chapter in Brisbane I cannot deny that my heart will always long for Africa; my hair will always rise to the sound of “Toto’s Africa” and that I, true to my core, will be the best ambassador for Africa and indeed Encompass Africa that I can possibly be. The most beautiful continent on earth.