Indian Ocean

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The far flung isles of the Indian Ocean are exotic and arguably some of the most spectacular regions in the world worth exploring. Whether you seek to lounge in the sun on a tropical beach all day, feast on the finest seafoods or explore the azure waters and abundant reefs, the Indian Ocean Islands is growing in popularity. It’s certainly not difficult to see why.

There are more than just paradise islands – Sri Lanka is included in the mix with its impressive beaches, fragrant cuisine, friendly people, a rich history, ancient temples, the finest tea in the world and so much more.

This region is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and boutique properties where the emphasis is on sheer comfort and style and of course we focus on sustainable properties for the perfect balance.




Away from the luxurious resorts, the Indian Ocean islands boast miles of forests and landscapes begging to be explored and house some impressive and rare birds and wildlife.

Madagascar is another island of the Indian Ocean and there’s nowhere quite like it in the world. If you’re not exploring the national parks that teem with a variety of flora and fauna endemic to Madagascar, you could be visiting local villages and markets, hiking through fascinating rock formations, mountains and forests, shopping and eating or simply relaxing on some impressive beaches.

There’s more to the Indian Ocean than what we’ve shared just now, so take a look!

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Madagascar Holiday baobab trees

Madagascar is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations and floats in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Mozambique. It’s home to weird and wonderful flora and fauna and is quite an adventure destination.

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family-beach-holiday-special-offers mauritius holidays luxury mauritius holidays

Mauritius is a spell-binding blend of African, Indian and European influences and its beaches are beautiful, mountains and forests fascinating and culture and history fascinating.

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Seychelles Holiday luxury beach holiday

Seychelles is an impressive archipelago of 115 tropical islands where sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters abundant with marine life await. This is an island paradise worthy of Robinson Crusoe.

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Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a land of ancient ruins, religious relics, balmy rainforests teeming with wildlife, palm-fringed beaches and the finest tea plus multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Xanadu Luxury villas retreat in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a cultural melting pot of magic with calm waters, great weather, spices galore, forests, long stretches of beaches and a myriad of experiences and adventures for young and old.

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