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A trip to Africa is always exciting, but to enjoy it with a group of friends? Now that’s what we call a holiday! With the gang there you’ll always have someone to lean on and someone to help you enjoy every moment; someone to push you out of your comfort zone and someone with whom you can savour every laugh. You’ll share these memories for life – not to mention all of the incredible experiences you can only have in Africa, viewing extraordinary wildlife and relishing the natural world.

The planning phase will be an exciting time, as you and your friends distil a continent’s worth of destinations and epic travel experiences into one do-able, incredible and unforgettable holiday. There’s so much to think about and, to be completely honest, it can all get a bit much when there’s a group of you in on the act. If you’ve ever tried to organise a simple dinner with a group of friends, you’ll know how tricky it can be to get everyone to agree on just a date, time and restaurant – multiply that by about a million to get an idea of the stress levels you can achieve when planning an overseas holiday! But that’s where we come in.


We’re experts at making plans – and making holiday dreams come true. We’ll work with you and your friends to tailor a African safari that suits every member of your group, taking into account your expectations and, just as importantly, your limitations. The only thing you’ll have to do is peruse our inspirational itineraries and say “yay” or “nay” to the wonderful things we suggest – we’ll tweak things until the itinerary is exactly right for your entire group.

The key thing we’ve learnt during a decade of organising group holidays for friends, is that you don’t have to do everything together. Friends on safari can absolutely travel the same path for the entire time if that’s what you want, or some of you can splinter off and do other things along the way. Whether you’re holidaying with your best mate or a group of 20 people or more, when it comes to travelling with friends the secret to success is flexibility, creativity, loads of fun and crystal-clear communication every step of the way. And lots of memory on your phone for all of the photos you’re going to take!


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Travelling in Africa with friends: a starter kit

To help get the ball rolling on your safari holiday with friends, we’ll ask you a bunch of questions, including the following. Start preparing your answers, because once we’ve got them we can start planning the ultimate itinerary for you and your travel buddies!

1. How many people will be travelling in your group? What room configurations do you need? This will help us pinpoint the most suitable properties.

2. Is everybody in good health? What medical issues and dietary requirements exist in the group? This will help us determine the types of activities and experiences that are best-suited to your group.

3. What are the non-negotiables and essential experiences on your safari holiday wish-list? These are the primary pieces in the puzzle that is your group holiday – once we’ve got these in place, we can build upon them and add in all the other pieces to create your dream trip. Also consider your “It would be nice, but…” list – the things you’d love to do if time and money permit, but that are not essential to the experience.

4. What time of year can you all travel? How much time do you have? This will help narrow down appropriate destinations and experiences.

5. When you’re on your holiday, what sort of pace will suit you and your friends? Fast-paced so you can pack more in, or slow and immersive so you can really live and breathe the experience and relish every moment of your time on safari?

Exclusive safaris

One of the things we suggest to groups travelling to Africa is to consider an exclusive safari. It’s a great way to travel with friends – you’ll have your own private guide, charter light aircraft flights and stay in exclusive-use accommodation. This way of travelling offers you so much more flexibility, and it’s the ultimate in safari life because you’re in full control of every game drive and exactly how much time you want to spend at different animal sightings. Best of all, this luxe way of travelling doesn’t necessarily mean crazy prices because you have the economy of scale on your side. Plus it looks great on Instagram!


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