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Self Driving Holidays in Africa

Behind the wheel in Africa

Self Drive safaris offer you the freedom to explore with your own vehicle. There are few experiences to match the thrill of waking up in Africa knowing you are about to venture out on your own with the freedom to explore some of the most sensational landscapes in the world.

A Self-drive safari in Africa is planned in great detail, with all logistics arranged before you even arrive to ensure your safety and comfort and most importantly, guarantee you experience the very best that this staggeringly beautiful continent has to offer at a pace that suits you.


Self drive safaris in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia or other destinations are not just about camping and roughing it.

You can either go in a fully equipped vehicle so all the creature comforts are with you, or you can simply drive from camp to camp and stay somewhere that is all set up with outstanding service in stunning locations.We work with you to tailor the perfect self drive safari holiday. We do not offer vehicle hire only. It is our responsibility to create the entire experience for our guests from door to door.

South Africa and Namibia are the most popular countries for self drive safari holidays because many of the game reserves and national parks were designed specifically with independent safari-goers in mind. The road networks are generally in good condition and you do not necessarily need a 4×4 as many roads are sealed.

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Are self drive holidays in Africa for me?

Do you have a spirit of adventure, enjoy being outdoors, have a keen interest in freedom to explore, enjoy driving long distances, like the idea of discovering places for yourself and at your pace, enjoy a range of experiences and off the beaten track places rather than the usual worn tourist path?

If you answered yes to a few of these questions, then self drive holidays in Africa may be the ideal type of holiday for you.

Are self drive holidays in Africa safe?

A common question we get asked is whether self drive holidays in Africa are safe. Absolutely is always our answer.

With the caveat that you need to act responsibly and drive with a measure of common sense as you would at home.

When in wildlife areas, you always need to follow the regulations set by the national parks and reserves. Never provoke a wild animal and take care when walking around campsites. It is dangerous to drive at night more so because of wildlife on the road than anything else.

In cities and built up areas we always recommend parking your vehicle in a secure location and we choose the best accommodation for this.

Whilst signage is in English, it’s always good to ensure you have a GPS or download google maps on your mobile devise. We also provide driving instructions in your travel documentation.

Self drive Namibia holidays

This is one of the ultimate self drive holidays Africa offers because Namibia has such outstanding diversity of landscapes and wildlife plus fantastic roads that are well signed.

You have to keep in mind distances are vast, so long days of driving await if you want to cover much ground and see the major highlights like Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, Etosha, Swakopmund and Skeleton Coast.

There are standard vehicles, 2×4 and 4×4 so that comes down to your preferred itinerary and mode of transport. GPS are available if you prefer that to a map and we also provide directions.

South Africa self drive holidays

Our self drive holiday favourite, South Africa has an outstanding infrastructure with good roads, regular facilities for petrol, servicing and stretching legs plus brilliant landscapes, accommodations and attractions.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are available and we provide driving instructions plus you can hire a GPS if you prefer.

We arrange everything for you, so simply arrive, pick up your vehicle and enjoy the journey with accommodations sorted, activities and even restaurant bookings if you want our recommendations from the Gourmet Trails team.

The highlights are Cape Town and the Winelands, the West Coast for wild flowers (August – September), the coastline between Cape Town and the Garden Route known as the Whale route during June – September for good reason and of course the famous Garden Route itself. Another fast emerging favourite amongst our team and guests is Route 62, the inland and very scenic road from west to east.

Self drive feedback

From those who have ventured

We absolutely enjoyed the Namibia self driving holiday. We agreed that we can go back for longer next time! The ideas are already flowing in my head! We are thinking about 6 weeks in three years so get ready!

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