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Luxury Air Safaris in Africa

Flying Safaris in Africa

Luxury African safaris that make use of smaller planes is the ideal way to experience the finest on offer and it all starts the moment you board the light aircraft.

It is also one of the most spectacular types of African safari holidays, ideal when time is tight, budget is flexible and aerial views of Africa interest you. 

Air African safaris tours means you will fly from place to place, avoiding detours and long road transfers.

We work with you to design the Best safari holiday itinerary incorporating your preferred flying mode and at a pace that suits you.

We ensure you have access to remote wilderness, previously inaccessible landscapes, abundant wildlife and safari accommodation at your level of comfort and luxury.

There are two different types of air safaris in Africa, private charter or scheduled fly-ins. Watch our video below to get a feel for what you can expect.

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Air safaris, light aircraft
Air safaris, family safaris, light aircraft
Air safaris, light aircraft, Savute to Maun, Botswana Safari
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Air Safaris, Botswana Okavango Delta safari
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Private Charter African Safaris

Private Charter air safaris are the ultimate luxury safari holiday in Africa. From the moment you arrive, you and your loved ones will be met by our pilot and get ready for take off, travelling destination to destination in your own plane which is single or twin engine. This avoids detours, other passengers, check in times and luggage loss.

Every professional pilot we work with is well qualified and with you all the way to ensure an effortless safari experience. The fleet of aircraft we use is of the highest specification offering superlative safety standards and attention to detail across all aspects of the air safari service.

Fly In Safaris

The second option is a fly-in safari that utilises existing flight schedules so you travel with others in standard regional flights or light aircraft between destinations for the time saving luxury.

In light aircraft from the moment you board the plane the journey really begins and then you touch down. Here you’ll be welcomed by staff from camp and whisked off to continue the adventure.

All you need to know

Light aircraft flights in Africa

Flying in light aircraft means that you:

  1. kick start the adventure from the moment you board the light aircraft
  2. avoid sitting around inside airport terminals with long check in periods
  3. avoid long bumpy road transfers 
  4. get to see a great deal of wilderness from the air
  5. meet some wonderful bush pilots and hear about their adventures
  6. won’t get ‘fed’ on the plane due to limited space. We do our best to ensure you have ample food along the way either ‘doggy bags’ from the camp you are departing or early meals where you soon arrive.
  7. will have a strict luggage allowance of 15 or 20 kilograms in total including hand luggage.
  8. need to have soft sided bags as hard cases with wheels do not fit within the tiny luggage holds of the light aircrafts.
  9. can pay for additional seat and thus increase your luggage allowance. This is common amongst our photographers on safari.
  10. travel in style and get there quicker.

The types of air safaris and transport we can offer our guests include, not limited to:

  • Helicopter scenic flights and transfers
  • Light aircraft scenic flights and transfers
  • Private charter flights
  • Hot air ballooning safaris
  • Microlighting

Namibia Flying Safaris

One of the most scenically diverse countries to experience on an air safari in Africa is Namibia.

You can experience aerial views of the harsh Namib Desert, impressive dunes of Sossusvlei, endless salt pans of Etosha, mountainous Damaraland and the boat wreck littered Skeleton Coast.

Namibia is vast, so an air safari here saves you full day drives on the road. Many of our guests like to combine driving with an air safari which is easily done here due to the circular route that starts and ends in Windhoek.

Botswana Flying Safaris

Botswana has a beautiful variety of landscapes, many of which are inaccessible by road so a Botswana Air safari is certainly popular with our travellers.

Light aircraft flights here are like taxis, taking guests from place to place often with stops in between so you get to experience a few take offs and landings. Alternatively fly in style with private charter.

Nothing beats flying low over the Okavango Delta and seeing wildlife in the waters and islands of this landscape. Or the vastness of the Makgadikadi Pans and Kalahari Desert.

We also recommend factoring in the unique Okavango Delta helicopter safari where you fly low with doors off to maximise your photographic safari chances. With a champagne island stop in the heart of the Delta, you’re experiencing the ultimate luxury Botswana safari activity.

Kenya Flying Safaris

Kenya is one of our all time favourite destinations for luxury air safari holidays because some of the country’s most sensational scenery is most accessible by air, reducing long, strenuous days in the vehicle and adding to the luxury of the experience with aerial views that leave you speechless.

See the Great Rift Valley plunge down to the lakes, expansive plain views of the Masai Mara to the vast, lush mountainous Samburu region.

With frequent scheduled light aircraft, an air safari in Kenya is easily achieved to meet your criteria of time and budget.

We also have scenic flights available in bi-plane, helicopters and private planes for those who seek the ultimate luxury Kenya safari experience.

Madagascar Flying Holidays

With a country so massive and roads so poor, we always recommend flying around Madagascar. Most of our itineraries involve at least one or two light aircraft flights to ensure you get more time on the ground in beautiful locations than bumping around for hours traversing difficult roads.

On a Madagascar holiday, we also recommend you allow for delays as there is only one airline and schedules often change at the last minute – all of which we take into consideration when we work together to plan out your Madagascar holiday.  

Antananarivo is the capital and you often have to fly in and out multiple times to get to more remote destinations which may mean a few nights here. Luckily it’s a vibrant city with great history, culture and friendly locals.

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