Safari pricing

What you’ll pay for the trip of a lifetime

How much does a safari cost?

For many people, an African holiday is the trip of a lifetime, so it’s no surprise that the question we’re asked most of all is: “How much does a safari cost?”.

Safari prices – just like the experience itself – can differ greatly depending on the season, country or even the region you’ll be travelling in. And, just like any sort of holiday, the cost will depend on a range of things, including where you stay, what you do and how long you go for. It’s all relative!

We’ve organised shorter, budget-friendly safaris costing around A$5,000 per person, right up to extravagant trips costing in excess of A$50,000 per person, due to the fact that they involved travel during the high season, flying business class and staying in luxury camps.

Wherever you fall within this price spectrum, the important thing to know is that we specialise in amazing tailor-made African safaris that get you away from the crowds and the sorts of places generally favoured by bulk-booking brochures.

And because we have longstanding relationships with our fantastic partners on the ground, including Africa’s best properties, we’re able to negotiate special rates.

It means that you’ll pay the same price – often even less – than if you booked the same holiday direct with these properties and providers.

Basically, it will save you money if you let us do all the work – plus you’ll get exceptional expertise from our team and 24/7 service while you’re travelling. 

Paying for the privilege

Once you’ve made the decision to book with Encompass Africa and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, the payment process is easy:

1. To confirm arrangements, we ask you to complete our booking form and return it with a 30% deposit that secures your arrangements

2. Your final payment is due 60 days prior to travel

3. Payments can be made using debit or credit cards, or bank transfers – we have bank accounts in Australia and America, so if you live abroad and wish to pay directly into our US account using US dollars, it’s easy!

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