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Why you can’t compare a safari with any other holiday

A safari holiday gives back so much, and to so many


For many people, a safari holiday is a bucket-list holiday experience. Along with things like seeing the Northern Lights, hiking the Machu Picchu trail and watching the sunset in Santorini, it’s one of those ultimate travel experiences that just about everyone wants to do at least once in their life. You simply can’t compare a safari in Africa with other travel experiences – trust us, you’ll go crazy in the attempt! This is because African safari properties have so many other things to contend with, other than just welcoming their guests.

Most other properties, for example, don’t have to build their own medical clinics for their staff. They don’t have to pack up and move location every few months or years, in order to allow the land to regenerate. They don’t have to organise every single meal for every single guest, because there are simply no other dining options for a thousand kilometres. They don’t have to do all this and generate their own energy and bring in water from 10 hours away, all the while ensuring they have a carbon-neutral footprint.

But safari properties in Africa have to do all of this and more.


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Yes, safaris might seem to cost more upfront than some other holiday experiences, but that’s also because they’re fully inclusive (after all, when you’re in the middle of the African wilderness, it’s not like you can pop out for dinner!). Because we’ve been cultivating relationships with our partners for years, we’re able to negotiate special rates. It means that you’ll pay the same price – or even less – than if you booked the same holiday direct.


We pride ourselves on working with beautiful properties that are doing everything in their power to create a sustainable future for Africa’s wilderness, wildlife and local communities. Our mission has always been to support them, all while creating wonderful luxury holidays for our clients. It means that when you book through Encompass Africa, you won’t just be having the holiday of a lifetime, you’ll also be contributing to the future of Africa. 


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And finally, unlike a holiday in a popular hotspot, you won’t have to share your idyllic African location with millions of other people. In many of our holiday destinations you’ll be in the middle of nowhere with just a handful of fellow guests and staff.


The reason for this is we value space and the chance for you to escape the crowds and take in the scents, sounds and sights of the most exciting continent on Earth in glorious solitude.

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