Seven signs you’re ready to travel solo in Africa

posted 13th September 2019 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Not sure if a solo trip to Africa is for you? Take a look at this list below – if you identify with even a single point, it might be time to start packing that bag!

1. You’ve had a lifelong dream, and a solo holiday to Africa will let you fulfil it (even if you have to leave a disinterested partner behind).

Camp Kazuma sunset woman and guide Michael Rupp

2. You’re ready to travel on your terms, rather than having to accommodate someone else’s interests, style and pace.

N Wong Maasai Village visit and jumping

3. You want to feel confident and independent. Simply booking a solo holiday will ignite your spirit of adventure; the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when you actually take off to explore Africa on your own, is indescribable.

Chilo Gorge-guide-mapping-the-route-zimbabwe

4. You’re yearning for a new challenge and want to be pushed out of your comfort zone – whether by a gentle nudge or an unceremonious shove.

Okavango Delta Travel Guide, Boat trip Little Vumbura Okavango Delta Botswana, solo travel in africa

5. You want to feed your soul. Maybe you’re an ardent animal-lover. Perhaps you love nothing more than hiking in the great outdoors, surrounded by captivating scenery. Maybe you’re an incredible cook and want to explore the flavours of Africa, or a painter wanting to capture its unique and magical light. Developing your talents and indulging your passions is one of the greatest reasons to book a holiday.

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6. You want to meet new people. There’s nothing better than travel for broadening your mind – and your social circle. It might sound intimidating, but in actual fact there’s nothing more perfect than a safari in Africa if you’re a solo traveller, because you’ll have the company of camp staff, guides, trackers, fellow guests or group-tour members – in other words, “built-in” travel buddies.

7. You just want to get away – and do something exciting that will give you memories you’ll cherish forever.

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