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How to choose the right 4×4 safari

Safari dust and dirt

The thrill of belting through the African bush on our tailor made Africa four wheel drive safaris as you track wildlife with professional guides behind the wheel and spotters up the front is truly unforgettable.

With vast landscapes to traverse, remote wilderness to immerse in and abundant wildlife to watch you really will experience a freedom to explore like no other. Use our guiding expertise and your passion for 4×4 driving and together we will create an outstanding 4×4 safari holiday.

There are various options to choose from. You can simply arrive into the different camps and properties and enjoy 4×4 game drives with other guests.

Maybe you prefer privacy so we can book you an exclusive use 4×4 safari vehicle.

Another great option is self drive in 4×4 and this is brilliant for Namibia holidays.

There is also 4×4 private guided – that means you have a highly qualified naturalist guide who drives you from place to place. This is the ultimate in flexibility as you can stop for the things you wish to see and do along the way and not have the stress of driving.With 24/7 guest care whilst travelling, you are in safe hands on your African safari holiday in 4×4.

Our team has traversed the land, coped with its challenges and experienced its wildlife and bush ecology.

We know where to go, what’s on show at certain times of year in the wilderness, and all the insider tips that are good to know when considering a 4×4 safari holiday in Africa.

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African wildlife safaris

The beauty about 4×4 safari game drives is the vast distance you can cover in a morning, afternoon or full day compared to a walking safari. It’s also a very different experience. You sit in comfortable seats and either open sided vehicles or pop top roofs depending on what country, region and camp you are staying in.

Don’t be fooled though, the wildlife still get close and you feel every bit insignificant when an elephant approaches you or a lion pride is sauntering by.

As a rule whilst on Africa four wheel drive safaris, you approach a sighting, the engine cuts out and you sit in silence marvelling at Africa’s creatures great and small. Our favourite 4×4 safari locations are private reserves where you are away from the crowds, can head off road to get closer to animals and drive day and night so nocturnal wildlife viewing is possible!

Family safaris

4×4 safaris are a fantastic option for kids. If you have really small ones, it is best to get the exclusive use vehicle and many camps insist on it if children are under 6. It varies per camp so we can guide you through it all during the planning phase.

Africa four wheel drive safaris for teenagers are outstanding with private guides because they get to form a bond with their guide and learn about his or her life as an African. Teenagers also enjoy tailor-made luxury safaris where you travel from place to place and share 4×4 game drives with other guests, especially if there are other families in camp. Many of our guests have had international pen friends for years now as a direct result from the connection formed whilst on a 4×4 safari holiday in Africa.

4×4 safari top tips

  1. You can head out on a 4×4 safari holiday anytime of year.
  2. Keep in mind wet seasons often see damage to roads and landscapes so driving can be challenging. Rivers can flood, roads can wash away and dirt can quickly become impenetrable cotton soil.
  3. If you are self driving, know your own ability and liaise with your specialist to ensure the journey is not too difficult.
  4. Winter can be chilly on morning and afternoon 4×4 safaris, so take clothing that you can layer.
  5. Consider how much time you are comfortable spending in a 4×4 vehicle each day. Road driving is transferring from place to place and then game driving is viewing wildlife in wilderness areas.
  6. We will give you an indication of drive times.
  7. Southern Africa vehicles are mostly open sided.
  8. Some vehicles in East Africa are open sided, others have pop top roof or roll back canvas roof tops.
  9. Whilst the driver/guides have binoculars it’s best to take your own.
  10. Many vehicles have charging points and mounts and beanbags for cameras to ensure your comfort.

Namibia 4×4 safari

In Namibia you will truly feel tiny because its landscapes are so enormous and horizons endless. Exploring in 4×4 means you can be on the open road and not see another car for hours. This is only ideal if you like driving and if 4×4 is your style, we’ll get you off road. You can self drive Namibia or opt for a naturalist private guided Namibia safari.

Africa four wheel drive safaris allow you to take in the magnitude of the Namib Desert, the enormity of Skeleton Coast, the diversity of Damaraland and the exceptional wildlife and salt pans of Etosha. We also offer the unique Tag Along Namibia Tours, travelling in your own kitted out 4×4 with lead vehicle, guide and support crew there to make it an outstanding safari holiday.

Tanzania 4×4 safari – Northern circuit

Tanzania has created a very impressive circuit in the north that encompasses the most famous of wilderness regions including the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Lake Eyasi, Tarangire, the Ngorongoro Crater and more!

Most times our guests start out in the safari capital Arusha and here, meet a private guide who is with you for the duration. Together you load into a custom built 4×4 vehicle complete with charging points, cooler box and water and away you go!

Driving from place to place means you see life unfold before your eyes, Maasai villagers going about their days and bustling markets. Roads are in acceptable condition and then you enter the national parks and game reserves and it becomes your game drive to camp with wildlife abound.

Anything is possible with a private Tanzania 4×4 safari.