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We are proud to offer opportunities to visit both the Congos, The Republic of Congo (‘The Congo’ as we refer to it) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (‘DRC’ as we refer to it).

A Republic of Congo safari is for safari mavericks wanting great safari adventure holiday, expedition style travel and overwhelmingly rewarding safaris. The Congo is a former French Colony on the northern bank of the Congo River. It’s important not to confuse the Congo with its neighbour, the significant difference is this Congo is considered more calm, stable and rapidly developing as a poignant leader in African affairs.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park is the centre of tourism and safaris in the Republic of Congo. This vast and truly wild lowland rainforest boasts an incredibly variety of wildlife, including forest buffalo, leopards, hippos, giant forest hogs, the elusive forest elephant, and the famous lowland gorillas. Here you will traverse by road, on foot, and by boat through an intricate network of rivers, swamps, marshes, and forest.

Whilst tourism in both of the Congos is in early stages, there certainly is an exciting opportunity for travellers seeking something truly off the grid.

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“Take the time to put the camera away and gaze in wonder at what’s there in front of you.”

– Erick Widman

Republic of Congo at a glance

Bordered by five countries, the Republic of the Congo is considered West Africa and runs down to the Atlantic Ocean on its western side. Its history is colourful and marked by diverse civilisations including the indigenous Pygmy people, the Bantu-speaking ethnic groups, and the colonial French.

Whilst not known as a safari destination in the mainstream, it has perhaps the most valuable rainforest in the world and home to a beautiful wilderness area that’s abundant with wildlife and with that comes unique opportunities to explore.

A Republic of Congo safari is not for the faint hearted as it’s remote, adventurous travel, and whilst you don’t compromise on the essentials or comforts, you are certainly out of your comfort zone sometimes as the wilderness is truly wild. Visiting Congo is the best opportunity for you to have an incredible safari holiday.

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