Safety First Africa

posted 12th October 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Safety First Africa

Your safety and comfort is our first priority

Our main aim for each and every guest is for them to have the best trip possible, and for it to always have exceeded their expectations. We use our expert ideas and knowledge in creating the trip, and we also only work with trusted partners on the ground in Africa who we know will deliver on all that we have promised. Travelling alone or as a couple, rather than in a group, should in no way make you feel unsafe or vulnerable.

We ensure there is someone to meet you at every arrival and wave you off on every departure. We do not send our guests just anywhere, we only send guest to places and areas we would go ourselves and have been in the past.

Whatever the cost of your trip, be it short and simple or 5 star luxury, your safety and enjoyment is never compromised, it is universally one of the most focal parts of the trip.

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