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If you ever visited Encompass Africa’s office in Brisbane before COVID, you would have seen our massive artwork on the wall in the team area. It depicted a baobab, the ancient and remarkable tree that you’ll see on safari in many parts of Southern Africa. But this was no ordinary baobab – from its branches hung words that were and still are sacred to us at Encompass Africa: our company values.

Take a look at some of our most poignant values. 


We are a family, a tribe
Founder and CEO, Jono Wilson says: “I started Encompass Africa not for money but for my kids, so that they – and hopefully their kids – can experience the wilderness and culture of the most exciting continent on Earth. I also wanted, in some small way, to try and make a difference. Our mission has always been to sustain the industry and help Africa’s communities and wildlife, all while creating wonderful luxury holidays for our clients.” And that’s our tribe in a nutshell: our immediate family, our family in Africa and our family of clients. We always say we organise each safari holiday as if it’s our own. Work with Encompass Africa and you’ll be a friend and tribe member for life!


We listen, commit, care and serve
We get it; you’ve probably heard other businesses use this sort of language – and maybe you’ve been let down by some of them. But when you start dealing with us you’ll see that we really do mean it. We create unforgettable tailor-made holidays to Africa – and the only way to do this is by really getting to know our clients and their travel wishes and needs. We really listen to you and are committed to making your whole travel experience effortless, from the planning process until you get home. We truly do care about each and every guest, plus we just genuinely like people, so the whole process of helping you discover the wonders of Africa is something that gives us joy.


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Our word is our bond
Once upon a time, there were much stricter regulations in place in the travel industry. Today, there are no barriers to entry, no licenses required. Anyone who’s enjoyed a luxury safari can quit their job one day and open up a safari company the next, claiming: “We are the Australian experts in luxury travel to Africa”. Many claiming to be experts actually have little or no knowledge of Africa. It’s shocking, but true. But there are legitimate, professional and respected companies that you can trust 100%, and we like to think we’re one of the best. Nope, this isn’t the time for false modesty – we’re the best! We’ve been serving our guests for more than a decade and we know we’re doing things right because more than 70% of our business comes from referrals or happy repeat customers – some of them on their fifth of sixth trip with Encompass Africa. Click here to see some of our accreditations and business practices, but for total peace of mind click here to read review from some of our previous clients.

Our word really is our bond.


We value time – yours and ours
Ugh, don’t you hate talking to machines, or being passed from one person to another, or spending precious time explaining what you need and want, only to discover you’ve been “matched” up to the easiest thing, rather than the thing that’s right for you? So do we. That’s why when you call Encompass Africa you’ll only ever speak to humans who are Africa experts and who really listen. We’ll take the time to get inside your head – and your heart – regarding your African wish-list. Then, if you’re ready, we’ll create incredible obligation-free itinerary options just for you.

We’ll take into account everything you’ve shared with us, plus incorporate other ideas that only passionate Africa experts like us could conceive and recommend. One itinerary might speak to you, or we can mix and match your favourite elements. The journey will be tailored just for you.

So now do you want to work with Encompass Africa and create a dream adventure to Africa?


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Wildlife in the waters of Botswana


We are forever exploring Africa
Jono was born and bred in South Africa and has spent a lifetime exploring his home continent, learning its secrets and honing his craft – at last count he’d visited more than 1,000 properties in 20 African countries! We’ve lived in, travelled around or worked in Africa and return multiple times every year (of course not during COVID) to explore new destinations, properties and experiences so that we can serve you better. Unlike some travel companies, we don’t moonlight as Africa specialists. We have extensive firsthand experience about this continent and know the secrets to the ultimate safari, and can’t wait to share them with you!


We inspire and exceed expectations
If you’re thinking about a holiday to Africa it’s safe to assume you’ve already been inspired by this incredible continent. But we’re pretty sure we can inspire you even more! It’s because we’re so passionate about Africa and know it so well, and we want to ensure you come back from your trip loving it as much as we do. From your first phone call you’ll start to understand how our firsthand knowledge will really help you. Not only can we recommend destinations, properties and wonderful experiences, but we’re also aware of all the logistical details and any issues that could possibly arise – and how to avoid them. The knowledge and level of service we bring to every trip will exceed your expectations – as will the incredible experiences you’ll have in Africa and the extraordinary care you’ll get every step of the way.


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Image by Michael Rupp


We are leaders in our field. We innovate, constantly evolve
Innovate and evolve – these are two things you have to do if you’re a successful business and want to stay that way. And we definitely want to! We’re innovative in so many ways. For example, how we work with our clients. We’re very collaborative (we’ll plan your holiday with you, not for you), and like to think we make the process easy and fun. We use imagination and original thinking when crafting your itinerary to get you the best results and create something that’s special and truly you. We’re also innovative in the products we sell – when it comes to properties and experiences in Africa, we’re always on the lookout for the new, the different, the best. It ensures we’re always evolving, in an exciting but carefully considered way. And that’s why we’re leaders in our field, with more than 10,000 happy clients to date.


Creativity and conservation are at our core
Conservation, creativity and caring for our guests – these are the three pillars of our business and they’re at the heart of everything we do at Encompass Africa. Every one of our trips is designed to ensure impeccable service, amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. But we also work hard to uphold the values of sustainable tourism in everything we do.

It means that if you choose Encompass Africa you’ll be contributing to the efforts of saving wilderness and wildlife in Africa, preserving cultures and creating sustainable futures.

Like our slogan says, “We make a difference, one safari at a time.”