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In a world plagued with issues and privilege, it has become popular to travel and give back along the way.  Responsible travel, philanthropic travel there are various names for it. We call it Hearten Africa.

This is when your safari dollars go further to help children in need, local communities, protection of wilderness and wildlife. It is about conscious travel creating meaningful experiences and making a difference. Traditional African safaris we create can easily have conservation opportunities woven in, be it translocation of animals, anti-poaching or other wildlife programs. We often incorporate cultural interactions where you have the opportunity to meet locals, learn of their lifestyle and hardships and see programs in action that have been created by the safari industry to assist with sustainable community development.

Your conservation-focused safari or philanthropic safari to Africa will be hugely rewarding, one of the most inspiring journeys you have ever experienced. You will meet legendary conservationists, participate in projects, witness outstanding initiatives in action and come home rewarded. 

We take the challenge out of the planning, reduce the complexity, eliminate any vetting process and encourage follow up so you can stay in touch with those you helped in some way, great or small.

To be impactful, you don’t have to donate lots of cash or spend months at a time volunteering, although both of those are valid options if you are interested. The spectrum of what’s possible on a philanthropic safari is extremely broad.  Here at Encompass Africa, we have discovered that there are multiple effective ways to assist, to serve humanity in the most positive ways possible. You can incorporate philanthropic activity into your itinerary easily – just ask us.

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Hearten Africa

Our safaris are special. We work with outstanding camps and lodges that are known for their strength of character, exceptional locations, community and environmental initiatives and of course sustainability efforts. Our trips are customised to fit your personal travel style and philanthropic safari interests. We work closely with you to weave in ways to make an impact and genuine difference during safaris to Africa.

So do you want to reconnect with humanity or simply rediscover your very own sense of meaning? Are you compelled to help in a more hands on way?

What better opportunity than to do so whilst travelling in Africa?  The challenge is connecting you with something that is important to you, be it cultural and community exchange, wilderness and/or wildlife protection.

Conservation vacation

The world needs more great travellers committed to protecting land and wildlife. Africa faces illegal hunting, poaching, wildlife trafficking, mining, logging, grazing and all sorts of other issues. So how do we find balance between development by human inhabitants and needs of the natural world?

Community contribution travel

Africa is an outstandingly easy destination for getting involved in community development work or contribution travel. We focus on incorporating authentic community interaction and experiential learning with the opportunity to help however you are able – donating funds, hands-on help and more.  We tailor your travel based on your skills, values and time frames. Your ‘giving time’ can be a day, a week or more.  You will find this type of travel to Africa hugely rewarding and it leaves a lasting impression long after you return home.

Philanthropic Safari Feedback

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Thanks Encompass Africa for a stunning family holiday.

“Without you I would never have had my eyes opened to the personal reward one can achieve through simple support.”

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