Tailormade Itineraries

posted 12th October 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Tailormade Itineraries

Travel your way and break away from traditional travel

Tailormade itineraries are for those that are not looking to travel as part of a group, shuttling from one sightseeing moment to the next. They are trips that are designed to your preferred pace of travel, with each arrangement in place only for yourself.

There is no set start date, duration or finish date. There is no set route or style.

Some travellers love to mix city stays with safaris, others would prefer to see more animals than humans for the duration of the trip, and some want to finish their trip swaying in a hammock sipping on a fresh coconut.

We can create journeys to suit each and every guest to ensure what they are looking for out of their African experience is what they will get.

We try to get our guests away from the crowds, we seek out hidden gems in Africa and are constantly researching the best possible experiences in Africa for our guests.

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