Planning tips for first time Africa travel

We share some of our top planning tips for first time Africa travel.

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African countries for different interests

Africa is truly stunning as a continent and it is full of fast growing nations with incredibly diverse cultures. So what are your interests?

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A first-timer’s guide to going on safari

Heading to Africa on your first safari? Of all the holidays you take in your lifetime, this magical experience is the one that’s likely to stay with you more than any other.

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Are you safari ready?

Find out

Eco tourism and sustainability in Mozambique

Eco tourism and sustainability in Mozambique is one of the country’s greatest attractions; leading the way in conservation, wildlife, and habitation.

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St Helena Island South Atlantic

Explore a Georgian town, rugged coastlines, rolling hills and dive with whale sharks on one of the most remote islands of the world.

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Cape Town Mother city

Why is Cape Town nicknamed the ‘mother city’? Found out why here.

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