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Let’s get one thing straight right from the start: when it comes to travel, age is only a number.

While it may seem as if just about every facet of life is geared towards the young, in the world of travel you could almost argue the opposite. After all, if you’re retired, work schedules and commitments go out the window. You can holiday when you want, and for however long you want. And you don’t have to live your life according to the dreaded school holidays calendar – in fact, you can actively avoid these times, ensuring a child-free holiday and often saving money in the process. For all of these reasons and more, you could argue that travelling when you’re 60 and beyond is actually the perfect time.

Which probably explains why senior travellers are hopping on planes to Africa in ever-increasing numbers, bound for once-in-a-lifetime safari adventures that will fulfil their travel dreams. Just because they’re retired (or semi-retired), doesn’t mean their thirst for new experiences has ceased, or that they’re slowing down!

Whether you’re travelling solo, with loved ones or friends, Africa is the ultimate destination for richly rewarding experiences with Mother Nature as the star. You’ve seen a million David Attenborough documentaries and heard others retell their amazing safari stories – and now it’s time for you to experience it for yourself. It’s never too late to explore the wonders of Africa.


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Intrepid travellers

Like a fine wine, some people just get better as they get older. If you’re glowing bright in your golden years and slowing down is simply not on your radar, this is a fantastic time to travel. You can choose your own path and take things at your own pace, enjoying incredible adventures and unique travel experiences just like you did in your younger years… but with a few extra creature comforts along the way!

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Soft safaris

Africa is unsurpassed when it comes to action and adventure – but don’t worry, it’s also a fantastic holiday destination if you want to take things a little easier or have any mobility restrictions. We know all the properties that will show you the best of Africa – and give you the best access, care and attention at the same time. You’ll still have incredible wildlife sightings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but everything will be easy and supremely comfortable, and totally geared towards your needs if you can’t get around quite as easily as you once used to.

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The 60+ experts

We love organising African holidays for 60+ travellers – this is our largest market at Encompass Africa, and we’re experts at planning holidays that cater to these travellers’ diverse needs. We’ve organised amazing trips for everyone from 50-somethings heading off on their first holiday without the kids, to great-grandparents wanting to go on safari but worried about accessibility. Whether you’re after a “soft safari” or an adventure that will put 20-year-olds to shame, we’ve got you covered. And with 24/7 help to ensure your total peace of mind, you can relax and leave it all up to us.

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If you’re 60+ and considering Africa as your next holiday destination, you’ll find helpful advice in this guide, including answers to commonly asked questions, top tips and other essential info.

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