Rwanda gorilla experience – The Smiths

Rwanda was a great holiday and our private guide Emmanuel was very pleasant and taught us so much about Rwanda. The drive to the mountains was very entertaining seeing the fields, people walking with huge loads, push bikes overladed and local life unfolding. We got to try banana wine (not bad after the first taste) and we experienced a local market wandering down rabbit warrens meeting stall holders and talking to locals.

Our gorilla treks both went really well with short hikes no more than 2 hours and close encounters with silverbacks and a 2 week old baby. Being close to such majestic creatures was overwhelmingly powerful. We were sad to leave.

Thanks Encompass Africa, another great holiday, here’s to the next one. Chimps next time?

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Rwanda Gorilla behaviour
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Baby Gorilla holding onto Mum, Rwanda.
Up Close to Gorillas in Rwanda
Kerrie getting close to the Gorilla, Rwanda.
Rwanda Safari cultural safari rwanda markets
Photo credits: Tony and Kerrie