All you need to know about the East Africa Tourist Visa

posted 20th August 2017 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress
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East Africa Safari planning?

Three countries, one visa

If you are thinking of going on safari in East Africa and visiting these three countries, you will save yourself some time and effort with visas now thanks to the East African Visa.

So you may just like to read this blog about the East African Visa.

Ok so each of these countries – Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda require you as a visitor to obtain a tourist visa in advance of arrival.

If you are planning to travel to two or three of these countries, it may be best to get the East Africa Visa.

So here are some details that you need to know and consider prior to going.

Important to know:

  1. You must apply for and pay online via the diplomatic mission of the first of the two or three countries you intend to visit
  2. The East African Visa costs USD100, subject to change without notice
  3. You can apply for it as outlined below
  4. It allows multiple entries within Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda
  5. Turn around time is usually 3 – 5 days

To apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa:

To apply, please ensure you have the following documents saved as PDFs so you can attach them to your online visa application. It certainly makes the process much quicker and less frustrating.

You will need:
A copy of your passport (bio data page)
Your full travel Itinerary
Proof of return air travel  (they want to see you are entering and departing these countries)
A passport size photo copy
Proof of yellow fever vaccination (your Vaccination Certificate)

Is a Uganda Safari first on your itinerary?

If so, please apply for your East African Visa here

Uganda first

Select Visa and then under category, select East Africa Tourist Visa and follow the process.


Is a Rwanda holiday first on your itinerary?

If so, you can apply for your East African Visa by clicking here.

Rwanda first

They have a live chat service if you have any questions. The process is straight forward, just takes a bit of time. Simply choose the relevant visa and follow the steps, again with your documentation ready to attach.


Is a Kenya holiday first of two or three East Africa safari countries?

If Kenya is your first country of entry, click here.

Kenya first

And then simply follow the process.


Key considerations for East Africa safaris

There are some important notes for you to consider before choosing the best visa/s for your safari holiday and whether that is the East Africa Tourist Visa.

1. We have been advised by governments of the countries that the journey between Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda can be in any order.

2. The visa is deemed expired if you visit a country in between that is not one of the three. So you would then have to apply for a single entry permit for each country.

3. Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry into Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. It is also compulsory if you intend to visit Tanzania and you have been in one of the three countries on the East African Tourist Visa.

Phew so there you go!

Everything we know about the East Africa Tourist Visa you now know. Of course this is subject to change at any time without notice, so we always talk you through entry requirements in the planning stage.

So are you safari ready now? That’s great. Let’s chat and get the ball rolling and you’ll be in East Africa before you know it!

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