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Is Africa suitable for kids?
Yes, yes – a thousand times, yes! Africa is a fantastic destination for children – nowhere else in the world will open their eyes to such incredible culture, natural beauty and extraordinary wilderness and wildlife. If you’re travelling with children we recommend working with our specialists to tailor a private holiday, in order to give you the ultimate flexibility. If you’re travelling with teenagers you could also consider a group tour, as by that age they’ll be able to follow directions and safety precautions.

Do I need to be fit?
To have the best possible experience in Africa, you should be in reasonably good health and able to walk short distances without assistance. Early on in the planning process our specialists will ask you about your level of fitness, your interests and how adventurous and strenuous you want your holiday to be – this way they can match you up with the perfect experiences. There are many activities in Africa that are highly strenuous, and the conditions in some regions can make things physically challenging. But don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities for light physical activity if you want to take things easy – and you can even go on safari if you’re in a wheelchair.

Will I have a guide?
If you’re on a group tour you’ll have a dedicated guide who accompanies you every step of the way. If you’ve booked a tailor-made holiday to Africa it’s slightly different. From the moment you arrive you’ll have someone to take care you every step of the way. One of our partners on the ground will meet you and accompany you to your onward travel arrangements (plane, train or automobile). Once you arrive in camp, guides, staff and camp management will look after your every need. At every moment you’ll have a driver, day tour guide, concierge, safari guide or some other specialist dedicated to ensuring your holiday is effortless. We design tailor-made trips so that you can spend your time enjoying every moment rather than worrying about logistics. You’ll be blown away by the care and attention you receive.

Who will be in my group?
Our group tours are made up of travellers eager to experience all that Africa has to offer. We have some tours that suit younger people and others for older people. Either way, you’ll be travelling with like-minded people excited to explore Africa with fellow guests.

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Is there a dress code on safari?
Safari dress code is about three things: comfort, blending in while you’re in the bush, and making sure you cover your arms, legs and feet in order to protect yourself from thorns and mosquitoes. You don’t have to race out and buy a wardrobe of camouflage gear, just choose comfortable clothing in neutral colours, and dress in layers, as it can be freezing in the morning but super-hot once the sun is up! If you’re going to places like Cape Town and Victoria Falls you might like to pack smart casual attire for the evenings, but it’s really only necessary if you’ll be travelling on a luxury train, when smart attire and a jacket at dinner are compulsory (although with advanced notice you can hire a jacket on the train, if you’re wanting to pack light).

Are there ever closures to attractions and sites?
Certain attractions may close without warning if there’s an emergency and they require repairs. There’s nothing anyone can do to prepare for this and hopefully you’ll never be affected, but we always advise of this remote possibility. Others close annually for maintenance, so if it’s something on your travel wish list, we make sure to schedule your trip accordingly so that you’re there when it’s open!

Are meals included in my trip?
This all depends on the type of holiday you arrange with us. On most safaris all meals are included (it’s not like you can pop out to a restaurant, after all!), but arrangements for alcohol will vary depending on your package. Wherever you’re travelling and whatever sort of holiday you book, you’ll be able to check your day-by-day itinerary to see what meals are included. And if you’re visiting a city in one of our African destinations, you’ll be truly spoiled for choice. There are so many incredible places we can recommend, offering everything from fine-dining to authentic local cuisine.

Can my special dietary requirements be catered for?
Generally speaking, yes – most properties and restaurants throughout Africa are able to cater for dietary restrictions, food allergies and religious restrictions. We record all of your dietary requirements in your booking form and share this with every property and partner on the ground to ensure you’re well catered for.


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Will I have contact with Encompass Africa again after my holiday?
We’ve worked closely with you to design your dream safari holiday, so for us the story isn’t complete until we’ve heard all about it! We love to see your photos, and hear your stories and feedback. We also love, with your permission, to share them with the EA team and other potential travellers to Africa, so they can make decisions about their holiday based on real stories from people just like you. We also let returning guests know about our fantastic loyalty program (we’re pretty sure you’ll want to return to Africa!), plus you’ll automatically be eligible to join the EA Tribe, our community of previous Encompass Africa guests. You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where we share helpful information and inspirational ideas, plus you can share tips, advice and memories with other EA Tribe members.

How do I stay in touch with family and friends while travelling in Africa?
Many properties provide Wi-Fi free of charge or for a small fee. Others are completely out of range and the only communication is by satellite phone. This can be used for a fee; often in excess of US$2 per minute. We do our best during the planning stage to indicate where you can and cannot get Wi-Fi access. We also provide a list of contact numbers for the properties you’ll be staying in, to be shared with your family and friends should they need to get in touch with you. In addition, we have a 24/7 Guests in Africa service in case of an emergency.





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