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How to book a holiday to Africa

This is a series of frequently asked questions to help you understand how to book a holiday to Africa with Encompass Africa. 

When will my booking be confirmed?
As soon as we receive written confirmation about your trip or tour, we’ll send out paperwork including a deposit invoice and booking form. Once we receive your deposit and completed booking form we can then confirm all arrangements on the ground.

Can you book flights, and how far in advance?
Yes. We have a fantastic flight desk here in the office, so we can help with all of your flight needs. Most airlines release their flight schedules 299 days in advance. However, because it’s best to book a holiday to Africa even earlier than that, it means that you might be ready, but your flights might not! We know the dates flights come into the system and mark them in our files so that we can contact you immediately with the best options. Read more about flying to – and in – Africa here.

When will I receive my travel documentation?
When you book with Encompass Africa you’ll be given exclusive access to our online Safari Concierge system. Your itinerary and any tickets for international and regional flights will be available immediately in this system and via email. Then, three weeks prior to your departure, we’ll send you your full travel pack. This will include your day-by-day itinerary, contact list, flight tickets, driving instructions if you’re self-driving, biographies of our guides on the ground (if you’ve booked a private guided tour) and more.

Do I need to take any health precautions or vaccinations?
We recommend you visit your GP or a specialist travel doctor at least two months prior to departure. This will allow time for any necessary vaccinations and medication. Please be aware, if you’re visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda or Ethiopia a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory. Your doctor may also recommend other vaccinations, depending on where you’re travelling (please remember to take your itinerary with you). These are not compulsory, so taking them will be at your discretion. Read more about visas here.

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Do you organise tours with guaranteed departure dates?
Absolutely. We have a number of handpicked group tours that have guaranteed departure dates. Please note, as these tours are popular the availability is often slim so, as always, we encourage you to book well in advance.

Can special requests be arranged on my behalf?
The short answer is, yes. We always do our best to fulfil any special requests, especially if you’re organising something for a noteworthy occasion. The longer answer is, if your request is really tricky and your property is really remote, it could be very difficult – or even impossible. But please talk to your Encompass Africa specialist if you have a special request and we’ll do our very best to make it happen.

What do I need to do to prepare for my safari holiday departure?
Once you’ve confirmed your booking with Encompass Africa, you’ll be given access to our exclusive online Safari Concierge system, where we’ll provide extensive information that contains everything you need to know prior to your departure. Plus you can call the EA team if you have any queries (there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away!). Then, when you depart, our service really goes into overdrive thanks to our Guests in Africa service which monitors every step of your journey – every airport, camp, hotel and beyond. You’ll be met by a member of our team who’ll not only look after you, but also send us updates along the way so we always know exactly what’s going on. We also manage a 24/7 emergency phone line, so you can contact us at any time, should an issue arise.


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