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We love organising African holidays for our 50+ clients. This is our largest market at Encompass Africa, so we have lots of experience creating brilliant, unforgettable and effortless trips to Africa for older travellers and people with physical limitations

The majority of our older travellers are well-versed in the art of surviving long-haul flights in style, dealing with jet lag, booking their own arrangements and just generally getting on with having a fantastic time. In most cases, the biggest issue they face is simply knowing where to start – there are just so many amazing options to choose from! Don’t be overwhelmed – just talk to us.


Here’s what you need to know:


  • We design every holiday specifically for the person or people we’re working with. We get to know you and what matters most to you and then we start the planning. You can get as involved in the process as you wish – you’ve probably already done some research, so we can brainstorm your ideas even further and throw some new suggestions into the mix. We make the whole process fun – and you end up with a brilliant holiday, tailor-made just for you.
  • We understand that the term “50+ traveller” encompasses an enormously different range of people, and that some of you will be after a “soft safari” while others will be looking for adventures that will put 20-year-olds to shame! For both of these and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our service encompasses everything (the clue is in our name!). We can help with international, regional and local flights, land arrangements, activities and tours, dinner reservations even travel insurance. It means you can relax and leave everything up to us.
  • We understand the importance of ease of movement when it comes to international travel and transfer arrangements once you’re on the ground, and so it plays a big role in the itineraries we create. Our goal is to design trips that are effortless – and that includes the actual “getting there” part.
  • We work with the best properties in the most spectacular locations. Every one has been handpicked by us, and we’ll only recommend the places we know will tick every box for you. You can expect the highest levels of care, comfort and hospitality, and fantastic facilities and experiences.
  • For senior travellers with mobility restrictions, we’ll think of everything – from making sure your remote safari camp is close to the airstrip, so you don’t have to drive too far to get to your stunning home in Africa, to booking you the room or cottage closest to the main lodge so you don’t have to walk too far, either. On game drives you’ll have stairs or ramps to help you climb into the 4×4 vehicles, and guides who make sure everything is effortless.
  • Speaking of guides, we work with properties boasting the absolute best guides and trackers, so your game drives will be full of action, brilliant stories and unique insights and information about the land and its animals. Without a great guide, a safari is nothing. They will make your trip.
  • We’re 100% independent, so we offer the very best professional – and totally unbiased – advice, because we don’t have any ‘contracts’ with partners in Africa. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to work with the very best properties and guides – ones we know will suit our individual guest, rather than ones we’re obliged to recommend.
  • Because we’re independent you can also expect great value – we offer the greatest selection of the best-value experiences in Africa at a great price. And if you’re a solo traveller we know all the great camps and lodges and tours that waive the dreaded single supplement to help keep your budget in check.
  • Peace of mind while you’re travelling is vitally important, especially if you’re in a foreign land. Your safety is our priority and while we know some people see Africa as a daunting holiday destination, we’re here to reassure you just how safe and easy it can be.
  • Our exclusive 24/7 “Guests in Africa” service has been designed to ensure your safety and satisfaction. From the moment you take off, we monitor your travels every step of the way, touching base regularly with our team on the ground in Africa to ensure everything’s going well and you’re having a ball. If there are any issues, we can leap into action immediately.
  • We’ll give you a toolkit to help make the most of every moment and ensure your adventure in Africa is the trip of a lifetime

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