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Africa offers some of the most impressive subjects to photograph in the world, seeing wildlife up close in their natural habitat, diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures.

With a network of naturalist guides and photographic guides in Africa and Australia, we are able to create fantastic photographic safari tours and tailor made photographic safaris if you prefer to go at your own pace.

From hobby photographers, amateurs and professionals, we are able to develop a truly unforgettable photographic safaris in Africa.

Why Africa I hear you ask? African wildlife photographic safaris are legendary because there is nothing quite like waking up early morning and heading out in the bush to capture outstanding light and animals in the wild.

With time during the day to rest and review, you head out once again afternoon for sunset shots before returning to camp or lodge for dinner, campfire, drinks and the opportunity of story sharing!

Our photographic safari tours see you travel with professional wildlife photographers who give you every assistance to capture iconic images of Africa’s big five, plains game, smaller creatures and spectacular landscapes.

We can also tailor itineraries that incorporate half or full days with professional photographers in outstanding natural habitats.

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Planning a photographic safari

Africa offers diversity all year round and it comes down to what you wish to capture on your photographic safari. Planning is easy when you know your variables and work with a specialist like us. Once we ascertain what you wish to capture in your photography, we align it with the best wilderness and wildlife experiences your time and budget can allow.

If it’s culture, anytime of year is great. If it’s landscapes, it depends if you want to capture green season, wildflowers or the wildlife abundance around waterholes and the harshness of heat in dry season.

For wildlife, again it’s what you wish to see. The Great Migration river crossing is a different time of year to wild flowers in South Africa, so work with us to map out the ideal photographic safari and itinerary based on your bucketlist sightings.

We always ensure that you have great guides who can spot wildlife and understand good light and the essentials of good positioning.

Most people want to capture memories from their holidays and take a camera. Africa safari holidays guarantee fantastic landscapes, wildlife and cultural photographic opportunities.

We recommend you take with you on photographic safari – a quality camera, wide angle lens between 10-22mm, long lens at least 300mm to capture distant wildlife, spare memory cards, portable storage or laptop to back up photos, spare batteries, cleaning kit to keep free from dust and moisture and camera charger plus portable charging devise.

Photographic safari tours

Nothing beats travelling with like minded people, passionate about wildlife photography.

We have partnered up with some of Australia’s top photographers to create bespoke itineraries based on their interests and that of their guests. These trips are open to you too! So call today and see what photographic safari tours are currently available, dates and rates. They vary from Southern Africa to East Africa and run at different times of the year to ensure the very best photographic safari experiences.

We have also handpicked a selection of outstanding Photographic Safari Tours in Africa working with top photographers from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and beyond. Departure dates vary per country, region and year based on wildlife and weather patterns. From half to full days right through to multi-day and multi-country itineraries, call us today and find out what exists and suits your criteria for the ultimate photographic safari tour in Africa.

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Images courtesy of our guests

Private tailor-made photographic safaris

We work together to design your ultimate photographic safari.

If you are passionate about photography in Africa whilst on vacation yet don’t want a group tour, then a private tailor-made itinerary is just the ticket. Throughout Africa, we work with private guides and camp owners who are in brilliant wilderness areas, ideal for wildlife photography. So once your objectives are clear, we get started on planning the photographic safari taking in camps and lodges that embrace photographers. What does this mean I hear you say? Just imagine going on holidays to a place that offers great photographic experiences.

Hidden ‘wildlife hides’ camouflaged to keep you safe while you sit and watch the wildlife wander by or drink from waterholes, custom built 4×4 vehicles with mounts, bean bags to absorb the bumps and boats with swivel chairs and mounts for 360 degree wildlife photography.

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I did a lot of research before deciding to book a photography tour through Encompass Africa.

“The lodges reflected the local environment and culture promoting sustainability and eco-friendly.”

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