Tailor-made photographic safaris

Travel at your own pace, camera in hand

A photo safari designed just for you

You’ll travel at your own pace, visiting the destinations you want to go to, and staying at luxury properties set up perfectly for photography enthusiasts.

How you’ll know if a photo safari tailor-made is right for you:

  • You prefer to go at your own pace
  • You don’t want to go on a group tour and you don’t want a private guide – you just want to take amazing photos under your own steam
  • You’re happy to go on game drives with other people, but with the ability to book a private vehicle with a private guide if you wish
  • You want to stay somewhere set up beautifully for photographers


A photographic safari doesn’t have to mean a carefully curated group tour or one-on-one tuition from a private guide. It can simply mean a wonderful African safari holiday with a particular focus on getting amazing photos while you’re there. We understand that some people like to travel at their own pace, visiting places on their bucket list and pursuing their goal of coming home with some seriously great photos. If this sounds like you, we can create the ultimate itinerary, matching you up with the perfect properties that are geared towards photographers.

This is what you can expect on a tailor-made photographic safari…

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Everything is sorted for you

Just like every Encompass Africa trip, we’ll talk to you to find out the sorts of things you’re after, and then recommend the best properties to fulfil your every wish. We’ll look after everything, including your booking, flights, accommodation, so everything’s effortless and you can just concentrate on getting those great pics!




You get to go exactly where you want

This is your holiday, so you should decide where you want to go, what you want to see and what you want to photograph, rather than having to stick to an existing itinerary. 

We’ll match you up with brilliant photo-productive destinations – places we know have better landscapes, better light and better animal numbers and diversity.


Kafue, Zambia, Zambia Safari


Amazing accommodation

Within the magical, unspoilt destinations we cover, there are so many different places to stay. We’re very particular about the places we recommend, and carefully handpick every property on our books. We tend to avoid large hotels and lodges, even though they’re usually more convenient, and send our guests to smaller, boutique properties in remote locations. Yes, it might take a little longer to get there, but trust us – it will be worth it!

When you arrive at these dreamy tented safari camps and luxury lodges in the middle of endless unspoilt wilderness, you’ll see why they’re our favourites. They also offer a truly special luxury – the privilege of being able to do everything at your own pace. So if dinner needs to be an hour late because you’ve had the most glorious sighting of an elusive pangolin on your drive back to camp and it’s a photo opportunity simply too good to miss, there’s absolutely no problem. Dinner will be served exactly when you need it, and it will be a gourmet delight. Everything is tailored just for you and your wish is their command.


photographic safari mala mala south africa safari


Equipment to help you get the best shots

The properties we recommend will be especially geared towards photographers, featuring things like game hides and custom-built vehicles fitted with mounts for cameras and bean bags for stability.

Some also offer gimbals for hire in to ensure you get that iconic shot. Game drives and other activities at these properties are all designed to maximise your photographic opportunities.


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Advice when you need it

You can expect outstanding local guides at every single property that Encompass Africa works with. They are a vital component of a great safari, sharing knowledge, telling stories and bringing each destination to life. 

And at the properties we know are geared towards photographers, you can also expect many of the guides to be handy with a camera. They may not be trained photographers, but they are trained to know the needs of photographers, so can step in and help with all sorts of technical and artistic questions. Many of them are often outstanding photographers themselves, so be sure to check out some of their shots too!


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The option of privacy

Because we only work with private reserves and concessions, it means you’ll always be away from the crowds and your guide can take you off the beaten track in order to get the best shots. But if you want another level of privacy on your tailor-made photographic safari holiday, the opportunity to book a private vehicle with a private guide is always there.

The other option is to share a game drive vehicle with fellow guests – just be aware that they might not be quite as passionate about photography as you are!

One step up again is booking an exclusive use safari house and photographic guide for total privacy, freedom and flexibility. Anything is possible with photographic safaris tailormade.


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