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Tours of beauty

Travelling in a small group, you’ll stay at superb properties in photo-productive destinations, getting expert help from a professional wildlife photographer who will travel with you all the way.

How you’ll know if it’s right for you:

  • You want to work with an incredible photographer who will help take your photography to the next level
  • You want to travel with like-minded people, just as passionate about photography as you are
  • You like having a set itinerary, with everything organised for you
  •  You like the social aspect of a group tour, or just feel safer travelling with others


Thanks to our network of accomplished photographic guides in Africa and Australia, we’re able to offer fantastic photographic safari tours. Travelling in a small group, you’ll stay at superb properties in photo-productive destinations, with absolutely everything organised for you.

The best thing about photographic safari tours is that you’ll get expert help from a professional wildlife photographer who will travel with you all way, helping you to capture iconic images of Africa’s spectacular wildlife and landscapes.

This is what you can expect on a small-group photographic safari…

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Incredible help from an expert

Under the guidance of a professional African wildlife photographer your skills will flourish and your knowledge of technique will deepen. You’ll come home with some awe-inspiring photos that will definitely be headed straight for the pool room!

Only the most experienced photographic guides host our safaris because they understand the special needs of photographers. They’ll accompany you every step of the way, helping you take your photography to the next level. From equipment and lighting, to composition and technical help, they’ll be there to advise and inspire.


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Expert local guides

As well as your photographic guide, you’ll also be joined on game drives by local guides from the high-end camps hosting you along the way. They know the terrain like the back of their hand and they know the landscapes that will ensure you remarkable shots. 

They know where and how to find the animals on your photographic wish list. And because they understand the behaviour of these animals, they’re also able to anticipate what might happen next, and help get you in the perfect position at the right time.


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Unrivalled access to wildlife

Have you ever seen a photograph of, say, a lion in Africa, surrounded by so many safari vehicles that it looks like a Hollywood star being stalked by the paparazzi? That’s the sort of experience you’ll never get with us.

The beauty of a photographic safari with Encompass Africa is that we only work with private reserves and exclusive concessions that ensure you’ll always be away from the crowds.

It also means you can go off-track to get the best shot – in other parts of Africa rangers will hit guides with huge fines if they veer even slightly off the main, tarred roads. On private reserves and concessions, however, you can travel off the beaten path and the only other vehicle you’re likely to see will be the one carrying the other members of your group.

Fantastic wildlife photographic opportunities mean you’ll have the chance to spot some of nature’s most majestic, unique and beautiful animals. And also the most endangered. It’s a privilege that most people only dream about.

Linger longer

Because you’re part of a private group all sharing the same goal – to take wonderful wildlife photos – it means you can change plans at a moment’s notice when you’re on a game drive. So if the light is particularly amazing or you have a really special animal sighting, you can stay longer in order to get “the” shot.

You’ll only ever travel in a small group

Travelling in small groups means everyone gets loads of time with their photo guide – and everyone always gets a “window” seat (obviously the term “window” is used loosely when referring to a safari vehicle!).


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You’ll be in the company of like-minded photography buffs

If you’re really into photography, the chance to enjoy one of these safaris with like-minded people, just as passionate about photography as you are, is a real treat. Other people’s eyes might glaze over if you share photographic “tech talk” with them, but not when you’re travelling with people equally obsessed with things like apertures and depths of field.

You’ll find yourself engaging in fascinating and enlightening conversations with your fellow travellers throughout your trip. The social aspect of a group photographic safari is something that really appeals to many people. Sharing meals together, reviewing your images together, chatting and exchanging tips – these are special moments that can result in lifelong friendships.



Everything is sorted for you

We carefully design each trip in consultation with our photography partners to ensure maximum wildlife viewing opportunities.

With a set itinerary and absolutely everything taken care of, including flights, transfers and accommodation, your trip will be effortless so you can just concentrate on getting those great pics.


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Amazing accommodation

There are so many different places to stay in each of the photo-productive destinations we cover. Because we carefully handpick every property on our books, we know the very best ones for all of our clients.

When it comes to small group photo safaris, we choose properties that offer superior levels of service, the best setups and deals for groups and, of course, spectacular wildlife photographic opportunities.




Private transfers all the way

From charter planes to luxury vehicles, transfer arrangements are always private on our small group photographic safaris. It means you’ll never have to hang around waiting for scheduled flights and you’ll only ever board vehicles with the members of your group.


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Non-photographers are welcome too!

We’re often asked if someone who’s passionate about photography can join one of our group tours – and bring along their partner who is definitely not interested in photography.

The answer is, absolutely, as long as that person is happy to just enjoy incredible sightings and their beautiful surroundings while everyone else gets schooled in the art of photography. If this is the case, they are very welcome – and will probably find they pick up a few great tips along the way without even trying!


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