On the road again

Visiting South Africa 2018

May comes around so quickly and I’m off visiting South Africa 2018 for the annual industry gathering where we learn all about the new camps and lodges, changes to old favourites and look to see what the future holds for those seeking holidays to Africa.  Afterwards I’ll head on a safari adventure – more on that in a separate blog. This one will focus on South Africa and what 2018 brings.

Firstly, let’s delve into the weather in South Africa and then move onto my top picks for a holiday in South Africa for 2018.

Weather in South Africa in May

May is not a traditionally popular month to be in Cape Town because it is off season and coming into winter. Temperatures can be chilly and Cape Town is known for its precarious weather. Having said that, the last few years have been breathtaking in May and this year is no different. Right now days are 22 – 28 degrees and nights drop to 8 – 12 degrees.

Being on safari in May can be chilly so always pack a jumper preferably with built in hood or take a beanie if you feel the cold (like me). Scarf is a necessity for me because it is so multi functional and most importantly keeps me warm around the neck when the 4×4 is moving at a cracking pace to follow animals hunting – you don’t want to miss it as you huddle to keep warm because you didn’t bother to pack sensibly now do you!

Will it rain in May? Fair chance of rain and Cape Town welcomes it because it’s experiencing severe drought. Nothing hectic like a UK rain for days, more come and go type rain and perhaps a grey day here or there.

Water temperatures drop so the ocean is a no go unless you have a wetsuit for that surfing session or great white cage dive in South Africa you’ve always dreamt of braving.

Remember whilst I am not in the office, the rest of the team are and you can chat with any of them about a holiday to South Africa if you are interested. Here’s the button to click which will help you send an email to the office. We’d love to help you get going on an exciting South Africa safari holiday.

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First stop

Visiting Johannesburg

It’s traditional for us to stop off in Johannesburg so we can reconnect with family and the team there. This time around I have just one night and it will be spent with my beautiful mother and father in law. The anticipation is building as we have so much to chat about in less than 24 hours. Have the wine in the fridge Trevor!

Why I like to recommend Johannesburg

In no particular order, there are heaps of reasons to choose Johannesburg and sometimes the decision is out of your hands because arriving in from Australia on the Qantas flight you cannot connect to another African country same day. We stop anyway because we love it.

  • Best, most moving museum experience and historically fascinating is the Apartheid Museum. Have time up your sleeve some tissues.
  • Soweto is a fascinating township and not somewhere I would miss for fear of safety because it is so well developed and frequented by tourists. We have brilliant private guides who take you there to understand its complexities. Like an onion, it has layers based on wealth with the poorest areas in the centre and as you move out, houses get larger, infrastructure becomes more existent… and you see local life.
  • Pictured are the famous towers of Johannesburg, here you can take a leap of faith if you like to bungee.
  • History abounds beyond the museum, so get one of our private guides and head off to explore the town with a gold mining history (known as City of Gold) and political history to name a few.
  • Creative hub is not something you’d think to associate with Johannesburg. Well you can!  I have never loved exploring art galleries more than this town.
  • Market mania swept Johannesburg a few years ago and everything from Neighbourhood sustainable food markets to craft and fashion markets.
  • Multi cultural areas – like any city, Johannesburg has different areas that attract different cultures. One of our guides will get you there and reveal the beauty and magic
  • Simply brilliant restaurant scene in Johannesburg sees me exploring a different establishment every time plus my old favourites. Whether it’s an owner run local cafe like Michelle’s in Parkview (best pancakes ever) or an internationally renowned restaurant Johannesburg has it all.
  • Night life – pack your dancing shoes and tastebuds for you’ll love it in Johannesburg. From gin bars, whiskey bars to micro breweries and nightclubs and of course the African themed restaurants that see you singing, drumming and dancing the night away.
Next stop

Visiting Grootbos Private Reserve

Welcome to Grootbos, an uber luxury eco reserve in a genuine place of paradise on the southern tip of Africa nestled between mountains, a fantasy forest and sensational sea.

Here you will explore 2,500 hectares of pristine wilderness, learn about an enormous diversity of plant species (many endangered), wander through one of the last remaining milkwood forests over 1,000 years old, learn about wildlife on land and sea and be touched by the generosity of spirit, exceptional service and savour sensational cuisine not to mention sample some of South Africa’s finest wines.

For now, live vicariously through my itinerary!

Grootbos is beautifully built on a hillside where the African continent ends, two oceans collide, and the smallest of the world’s six floral kingdoms flourishes. This is where magic happens and I was impressed. A separate blog on Grootbos Private Game Reserve can be read here. In the meantime, see the video below – it is very dramatic!

Next stop

Visiting Cape Town

Who has not heard of Cape Town? Hard to ignore what is touted as the most beautiful city in the world. I’d agree with that having been to most of the cities classified in that category (except Rio, that’s for when kids are bigger).

I have four amazing nights at the spectacular One & Only Cape Town.

During my stay, I will be doing some fun things like:

  • Visiting the Cape Town Aquarium and Swimming in the main tank with the marine team
  • Mountain biking up and around Table Mountain to soak up the sunrise
  • Cocktails on the rooftop at the new and lush hotel called The Silo Hotel. It made the Conde Nast 2018 Hot List for good reason

So all of this I will share with you hopefully as I go depending on internet access time.

My other top reasons for choosing Cape Town

  • Nelson Mandela history
  • Table Mountain beauty
  • Stones throw from coastline and winelands, what a dynamite combination

All this and more in Cape Town, so stay tuned.