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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

This has become one of our favourite uber luxury eco reserves that sits in a genuine place of paradise on the southern tip of Africa nestled between mountains, a fantasy forest and sensational sea. After Danica’s recent visit, we hope we can show you just a snippet of its brilliance, beauty and bountiful delights.

At Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, you will explore 2.500 hectares of pristine wilderness, learn about an enormous diversity of plant species many endangered, wander through one of the last remaining milkwood forests over 1,000 years old, learn about wildlife on land and sea and be touched by the generosity of spirit, exceptional service and savour sensational cuisine not to mention sample some of South Africa’s finest wines.

If you would like to visit Grootbos as part of your South Africa safari holiday, we would love to put it together for you. Also visit my travel buddy’s [Pilar from The Lifestyle Hunter] blog on Grootbos here.

Let’s chat about Grootbos
Finding Paradise

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve location

There are two ways to reach Grootbos from Cape Town, the closest airport and city hub – self drive or private helicopter.

For those driving, whether self driving or with one of our private guides, you can take the scenic coastal route and whilst they say 2 hours, it is best to allow 3 for a few photographic stops along the way.

The other option is the inland route via the Sir Lowry Pass which is shorter in distance and scenically diverse, almost like driving through the Scottish Highlands with fields of ‘heather looking heath’, pine trees, rocky outcrops and impressive mountains.

Private helicopter transfers are available for those short on time, not cash. It’s just 30 minutes in the air over scenically stunning coastal southern South Africa.

Where you call home

Accommodation at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Where you call home during your stay at Grootbos Private Reserve could be the Grootbos exclusive use Villas: One with six bedrooms or one with four bedrooms, family friendly and more casual and intimate Garden Lodge or romantic, designer Forest Lodge.

Regardless of which you choose, expect nothing short of brilliant. Here, comfort is never compromised, little touches are beyond expectation, and modern decor in a welcoming environment creates your home away from home.

The secret ingredients to delicious cuisine

Food at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Did you know there are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world? As human beings, we only eat a small portion of that, some 200 species. There are hundreds of less well known edible plants from all around the world which are both delicious and nutritious. This is true here as Grootbos introduces its fynbos to the menu plus with a farm on the property, Grootbos grows 40% of its required produce.

These secret ingredients make for a magical culinary journey during your visit. Your senses are further heightened as you dine in unique settings from the traditional dining rooms to deserted beaches, enchanted caves, milkwood forests and more.

The menu caters for all palettes and you will be impressed with every morsel.

On the menu

Activities at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Activities abound at Grootbos on land and sea. It is difficult to choose when first presented the menu of adventures, yet easy to determine once under the care of exceptional guides. Upon check in, your guide will talk you through each one and help formulate your itinerary. It is always changeable along the way to cater to your interests, desire for sleep ins or addiction to adrenalin.

Here we will delve a little deeper into the activities because it is an award winning property with equally impressive options during your stay and it may just help sway your decision to choose Grootbos over another holiday option in beautiful South Africa.

activities at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
activities at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
Marine safari Marine Dynamics shark diving whale watching marine bird watching
Marine safari Marine Dynamics shark diving whale watching marine bird watching
Marine safari Marine Dynamics shark diving whale watching marine bird watching
Great diversity of activities at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
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Family friendly Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

The Garden Lodge in particular is one of our all time favourites now for a coastal retreat and real adventure for kids of all ages. With no risk to wildlife predators, the children are safe to walk in the gardens and play with farm animals, explore the mountains with great family friendly guides that action pack days. From treasure hunts to cave exploring, children fall in love with this enchanted wilderness.  The villas are amazing for that exclusive family experience whilst Garden Lodge comes complete with children’s magical centre with tree house, cave cupboards, Stan the baboon and more.

child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
child friendly Grootbos private nature reserve
Thank you to Grootbos for the images with kids

Lovers’ paradise

Grootbos ideal for Honeymoons and Romance

Whilst many are quick to say Forest Lodge is for couples and Garden Lodge is for families, we saw a different side to each property and could confidently talk about the benefits of all the accommodation options for couples. It all comes down to your ideal stay whilst on honeymoon in South Africa or seeking a romantic holiday in South Africa.

Romantic breakfasts on the beach, mountain walks and lunch picnics, private cellar dinners, exclusive use villas, intimate cottages in the garden or luxury rooms on the forest edge… you choose.

This really is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one and together learn so much about mother nature’s diversity on land and sea.

Honeymoon in Africa
Thanks to Pilar and Daniel