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Our feedback from guests

Madagascar Safaris

A week of revelation: rural Madagascar is both stunningly beautiful and unspoiled. My sense of adventure was awakened many times over but Madagascar also offered profound calm and time for reflection. Local people were genuine, curiously friendly and kind; their history, culture and religion and the countryside they live in all intertwine, adding layers and layers for the traveller to explore, understand and appreciate.

There was a wealth of nature: not just the lemurs but amazing plants, birds and reptiles, and, most specially, some close encounters with humpback whales out at sea and sunsets by the baobab trees. I explored, I rested, I swam, I walked and I felt such huge gratitude that I’d been able to discover this miraculous corner of the world. Thank you Encompass Africa!~ Brown Couple 

Manafiafy was exactly what we envisioned as the place to stay for our final 3 nights in Africa. Dino from Manafiafy took us to a village market where he knew lots of people so it was really fun walking through, sampling local produce and learning about local life.~Porritt Couple