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Michael Snedic

Getting to know wildlife/nature photographer, Michael Snedic

Founder of WildNature Photo Expeditions, Michael Snedic is one of Australia’s most accomplished and talented wildlife and nature photographers.

He’s also one of Encompass Africa’s beloved photography partners, and has been presenting photo safaris in conjunction with us since 2014. During that time he’s visited destinations including Namibia, Botswana, Sabi Sabi in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, not to mention an unforgettable trip to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas.

We’ve just launched the inaugural Photo Voyages 2021 Collection offering small group photographic tours to Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana and even Sri Lanka!

Michael’s been passionate about the natural world since he was very young and to this day says he has to be outside for at least some part of the day! It was inevitable that Michael would end up photographing wildlife and nature. He’d always been a fan of bushwalking and birdwatching, and photography was just something he loved doing to record some of the incredible stuff he was experiencing on every outing.  which he has done now for more than 22 years.

Michael’s been passionate about the natural world since he was very young. A long-time fan of bushwalking and birdwatching, photography was initially something he loved doing in order to capture some of the incredible stuff he was experiencing on every outing. It was inevitable that he’d end up photographing wildlife and nature professionally, which is something he’s done now for more than 22 years.

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Michael’s fascinating career history included working as a private horticulturalist for Dick Smith and working with intellectually disabled people while managing a gardening crew at House with No Steps (now known as Aruma). He also completed a university degree in Environmental Studies.

But it was when he got a job guiding at Lamington National Park that things really started to take off. For it was then Michael met the man who was to become his mentor, Glen Threlfo. “He’s an amazing documentary maker and photographer and he literally is the reason I’m a wildlife photographer today,” says Michael. “No apprenticeship on Earth could have taught me what I learned from Glen.”

He’s also the reason Michael got to work with his idol, Sir David Attenborough, on a documentary about bower birds. “It was just a fantastic experience,” says Michael. “His one vice was gin on ice, and at the end of the day he’d invite me for a drink and a chat, and ask me what I was up to. David Attenborough asking me, a total novice! He was a great guy – a total gentleman and so humble.”

These days, Michael’s a respected and published nature photographer, who’s won many awards for his photography and has his images published in hundreds of publications across Australia and the world.

He’s written numerous magazine articles on wildlife/photography since 2001, for titles including Australian Geographic, Wildlife Australia, Birdlife Australia, and the UK’s BBC Wildlife. He has been a feature writer for Australian Photography + Digita, Australia’s largest-selling photography magazine, since 2006.

Michael’s also one of Australia’s most experienced photography tutors, who regularly presents audio-visuals at camera clubs and photography conventions, and is honoured to be a Nikon School Tutor for Australia. And since 2002 he’s been presenting photography tours, safaris and expeditions.

The tours he conducts in conjunction with Encompass Africa are designed to showcase the best destinations with the best wildlife-viewing opportunities. Photographers with all levels of experience are welcome – Michael is a passionate and super-patient tutor and assists photo safari guests to ensure they get the most out of their trip and go home with the best possible photos of their “bucket list” adventure.


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