Pete Dobre

Profiling Pete Dobre

Pete Dobre is a freelance photographer based in Adelaide and we have been working with Pete since his very first dream to visit Africa. Pete is now so in love with Africa, he has set up a dedicated African photography tours company.

Pete Dobre is a passionate man, a lover of the great outdoors and a believer in sitting still and taking in all that is around you. From a very young age Pete has had a love for natural landscapes and wilderness thanks to regular visits to his grandparents in rural South Australia who ran a sheep farm Pete’s passion for photography started as a young boy, and has carried on his whole life. Pete shoots with two DSLRs, a Canon 6d and 7Dmark 2, along two film panoramic cameras, all in a quest to capture the most awe-inspiring images.

As a self-taught photographer, Pete is proof that passion and hard work really do pay off. His passion extends to teaching others, and is committed to helping his guest grow in their skills and love for photography.

Visit Pete’s website to view some of his incredible photographs. Plus remember to visit our itineraries section and click on Signature Safaris to see any of his trips that are currently on offer.

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