One and Only Cape Town

posted 4th June 2018 by Danica Wilson in Accommodation
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One & Only Cape Town

I have always wondered what the attraction was to big luxury brands like the One & Only.  Preferring smaller, intimate boutique properties it was a pleasure to experience something like the luxury One & Only Cape Town. Allow me to share with you my moments and memories.

Before I do that, please take a look at the promotional video we made as part of our creative arm to the business, E.A_Creative.  Thanks to filmmaker Michael Rupp and travel blogger, Pilar Noriega for their time and professionalism. I adored spending a day with you at this stunning property. Let’s do it again soon.

One & Only Cape Town

According to Danica

Expectations versus reality

When I imagine a big brand hotel, I think volume – loads of people coming and going, impersonal service simply because there are so many guests, bulk everything, little attention to detail.

The reality was starkly different. From the moment I arrived, the staff were friendly and genuinely so with smiles from ear to ear.  The check in staff sat behind low desks and welcomed you to join them with arrival drink service prompt and again friendly.  Every time I walked past during my four night stay, the staff remembered me, smiled and said ‘Mrs Wilson how are you? Anything I can help you with today?’.   Maybe they were briefed to take extra special care of me being ‘industry’. Then I saw it with genuine guests and realised it was all par for the course.

I had completed a form prior to arrival that asked a series of questions a bout my preferences to ensure an effortless stay. What that created was a sequence of surprises, beyond expectation moments – from a green salad recipe from famous restaurant Nobu delivered on a platter with a mini tasting plate to a hand beaded book mark gift. Every day was something different.

And then there was the actual accommodation – phew!  Spectacular. Now I stayed in the main building on an upper floor, guaranteeing uninterrupted views of Table Mountain, the iconic landscape that makes Cape Town famous. There are other rooms with garden views and closer to the pool area.


One & Only Cape Town

  • Stunning views from vast majority of the rooms (always check with your specialist first)
  • Great breakfast in the Reuben’s Restaurant with delicious smoothies, healthy international buffet and a la carte menu
  • Impressive outdoor area that gives it a real ‘resort’ feel from palm trees swaying in the breeze, large swimming pool, wonderful cafe and bar by the pool and walkways
  • Recommend a massage as their spa facility is brilliant
  • Walk through the V&A wharves and see boat building in action before arriving at the bustling market area
  • Look at the feature light when you first walk in. It hangs above the bar and is an abstract map of Africa