Defining Luxury Africa Travel 2018

posted 6th February 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

We have spent some time looking at how we are defining luxury Africa travel 2018. To look forward, one must reflect and look back.

In 2017, we saw our guests wanting a greater purpose and sense of fulfilment from their African safari holidays. Simultaneously, Encompass Africa seriously placed conservation at the heart of its existence.

Every partnership in Africa was reviewed to ensure we were working with the best in the business, others passionate about preserving the future of Africa, its wilderness, wildlife and people.

As we awkwardly tried to express our commitment to conservation to our community of guests, staff, partners and peers it dawned on us that a new brand and website was needed.  The second half of 2017 was busy with rebranding, website building and launching.

Advocates of Luxury Africa Travel

2018 is the year of advocacy, scriptwriting, storytelling and celebration. We are more aware than ever before of the crucial role we play as advocates for Africa. Travelling more allows us and others to be aware of the world, its beauty and volatility.

We write the scripts of Africa’s promotion, we tell the stories to entice our travellers. Of course we celebrate travel, offering a platform to our guests that allows access to the greatest, most rewarding experiences available in Africa.

Encompassing everything with a smile

The digital world, innovation and technology will one day take over and you will be able to organise every single facet of your holiday without the services of an Africa specialist. Goodluck with that!

Spare time is a rarity in life today and so right now, here in 2018 Encompass Africa celebrates its role as a luxury travel service that encompasses everything.

Our Safari Concierge style service covers every logistic from the moment you leave home to the day you return. We have flights, insurance, accommodation, activities, tours, charter planes and pilots, chauffeurs, airport VIP services and so much more available to our guests. 

The end result is effortless African safari holidays that define you not by what is spent on the trip, rather the experiences you share with loved ones in Africa, the personal reward felt knowing you are making a difference simply by being there.

What are your personal values, your passions and aspirations for visiting Africa? What are the intentions, motivations and real reasons for your African safari?  With this information in mind, we can help find the ultimate experiences that will lead to fulfilment.

Future of luxury travel

There are factors outside our control in 2018 that contribute to defining luxury Africa travel. Extreme weather conditions is creating travel upheaval across the globe and in Africa today, we are facing a likely scenario of Cape Town without water.  Drought, severe storms, high temperatures are disrupting the ecology throughout much of Africa and its impact is only just becoming known now.

Human conflict is a massive threat and one that has seen the loss of wilderness areas and wildlife. How do we find the balance and ensure the planet can survive, wildlife thrive along with local economies?

Technology changes can also have both a positive and negative impact on travel.

Mobile phone power can literally save lives in Africa not to mention play a pivotal role in travel.  Right now you can access your booking documentation with Encompass Africa’s online safari concierge before you depart and whilst travelling. You can document your holiday on social media, make additional purchase requests, access directions  and more.  There are all sorts of apps that give you access to maps, wildlife tracking and documenting tools and more – helping curate your safari experience.

You will get high speed Wi-Fi in cities and on safari (albeit slow in remote locations), flexible safari activities infused with unique experiences and the opportunity for genuine interaction and engagement with local communities, conservationists and wildlife of course!

How are you defining luxury Africa travel for your holiday?

As you finish reading this blog article of thoughts and reflections, how would you define or describe the luxury Africa safari holiday you are looking to experience?

With that information we can turn your safari dream to reality. Please do get in touch and start the conversation with one of our Africa luxury travel specialists.

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