Kicheche Community Trust

posted 24th February 2020 by Danica Wilson in Conservation and Charity

Making a difference in Kenya

kicheche community trust

Established in 2004, this phenomenal trust funds projects in and around the Masai Mara and Laikipia regions of Kenya. Its mission? To encourage the preservation of the environment while improving the welfare of the community. It does this by improving health and education facilities, which has a profound and long-lasting effect on local communities. Funds raised through the Trust go towards providing things like primary and secondary learning facilities, student scholarships, dental clinics, medicines, and vital medical equipment.

The Kicheche Trust also allocates funds to one of the most efficient women’s empowerment programs in the country and innovative beading projects that employ more than 400 local women. It’s all about helping people take charge of their own future.

Speaking of the future, the future of all of Kenya is inextricably tied to the environment. To that end, the Kicheche Community Trust runs clean-up campaigns all around the region. It also manages tree planting and beehive projects and teaches local farmers how to reduce deforestation and graze their stock more holistically.

Noble work, indeed, and we’re very proud to support it.


Kicheche Trust website

kicheche community trust