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Beauty in its birdlife

Africa offers the quintessential birding safari experience thanks to vast wilderness areas. Among the most impressive of the continent’s innumerable wildlife spectacles is the flamingoes on Rift Valley lakes, water birds in deltas, rivers and lakes of Africa to raptors on open plains. Africa really does impress with its birding holidays and it is not unusual to record more than 100 species in a day.

Stunning birds like kingfishers, rollers, guineafowl, starlings, sunbirds, barbets, hornbills, bushshrikes and bee-eaters can be seen as can a the rich diversity of raptors. Bataleur, snake eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle, falcons, buzzards and goshawks aplenty. The waterbirding safari is among the world’s finest with wetlands throughout Africa supporting a wealth of wonderful birdlife. Storks, herons, shorebirds, pelicans, waterfowl to name a few.

Seeing more diversity in bird species is all about changing habitat. In general, for birders we recommend it’s better to spend longer in each park to avoid missing birds and animals and we offer activities in the best light so you get outstanding sightings. 


Twitchers may prefer to keep on the move, visiting as many different national parks and likely bird habitats as possible logistically with given timeframes and budgets.

South Africa has the highest number of endemic bird species in mainland Africa whilst Zimbabwe has no endemics.  So it’s important to know what you’re looking for and work with specialists. We ensure you get to stay in the very best located camps and lodges to maximise your chances of seeing the birds of Africa that interest you most.

Whether you want to tick off a list or linger longer for the ultimate photograph and notations, birdwatching in Africa is a hugely rewarding safari experience. 

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Birding in Madagascar
Birding Safari
Images courtesy of our guests and staff

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Madagascar Birding

Madagascar or the eighth continent is certainly worth visiting if you are looking for a fantastic birding holiday.

Some of the world’s most fascinating and endangered birds are endemic to this magical country.

There are 280 species known on the island and incredibly, 100 of those are endemic to Madagascar whilst another 20 are shared only with its Indian Ocean island neighbours.

The itinerant birders will be interested in the five endemic families including  the mesites, asities, cuckoo-roller, vangas and the incomparable ground rollers.

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Birding in Madagascar
Images courtesy of guest Sarah Zito

Uganda birding

An incredible bird list of over 1,000 species with many highly sought after birds like the unique Shoebill can be experienced on a Uganda birding holiday.

From the White Nile on Lake Victoria to snow capped Ruwenzori Range, open savannah, impressive Muchison Falls to thick forests home to primate species like monkeys and gorillas Uganda really is our number one destination for an Africa bird and wildlife safari.


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Kenya birding

There are over 500 species of birds along with spectacular landscapes and wildlife safari viewing in famous parks like the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Laikipia and Amboseli to name a few.

The collections of birds in places like Hell’s Gate, Buffalo Springs and Kakamega Forest get you a little bit off the beaten track. Other places worth a visit especially after the rains are Mt Kenya, Samburu and Shaba, North Kinangop grassland, Lake Baringo, Aberdare National Park and Tsavo National Parks East and West.


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South Africa Birding

South Africa is certainly spectacular in its scenery and rich in wilderness abundant with wildlife including birds. With such a diversity of landscapes you also get the different bird species.

South Africa boasts more endemic bird species than any other African country.  You can find 450 species of birds, 100 regional endemics and many other favourite birds.

Springtime is a favourite when the wildflowers bloom and many birds are nesting plus the intra-African migrant species arrive to their breeding grounds.

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