Kicheche birding safaris in Kenya

We received an email from our friends at Kicheche Camps in Kenya. It reminded us of how fabulous Kicheche birding safaris really are. Take a look at what they said:

“Whether you’re a novice bird watcher or a committed ornithologist, the 1000+ bird species in Kenya will never short-change. Kicheche’s guides in the Mara have now reached a species count of close to 400.

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“Eagles soaring on afternoon thermals”

“The guides at Kicheche are keen birders who enjoy sharing their knowledge of this avian diversity. They love their beauty, their melodies and the challenge of photographing them. Many of their favourite species live within metres of camp. Eagles soaring on afternoon thermals, vultures giving the last rites to a long-ago slain zebra, the intricate engineering of the weaver birds, the tango of the crested cranes or the dazzling colours of the lilac breasted roller or purple grenadier… these and more attract almost all wildlife lovers and they are a large part of our guide’s arsenal of information, they really do fit the bill..”

So why choose Kicheche birding safaris?

  1. Kicheche’s Silver guides are accomplished birders and never miss the sparkle in the eye of a guest when spotting a new bird. They will then be on the look-out for new ‘lifers’.
  2. Many of Kicheche’s guides have completed the Fundamentals of Ornithology Course.
  3. In the Mara Conservancies and Ol Pejeta it is possible to spot over 350 species of birds
  4. At Kicheche, photography is a big part of their DNA and photographing these magnificent birds is a decent part of any safari
  5. Private vehicle and guide is always a good option to enjoy a birding safari (additional fee applies)
  6. Plus every week at least one Kicheche guide is sent for a two week ornithology training course that takes place at the shores of Lake Naivasha to hone their birding skills.

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