Why should I choose a small group tour in Africa?

posted 4th March 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Is a small group tour in Africa right for me?

Everything you need to know about travelling on a small group tour in Africa

What’s so great about small group tours?
Where do we start? For starters, your tour leader will look after pretty much everything – all of your transfers, activities, accommodations and any issues that might crop up along the way. With a tour leader or guide by your side everything’s taken care of, so you can just relax and enjoy this incredible time. Being in a tour group can also result in great perks such as line-skipping, special treatment and exclusive access. Plus, travelling in a group can make a difference to your budget, because better prices can be negotiated when there are more of you (solo travellers, please ask us about tours that don’t charge the dreaded single supplement!).

But we think one of the absolute best parts of being on a group tour in Africa is that it gives you the opportunity to explore new places with new people – people who share a similar interest with you (Africa), but bring with them different cultural backgrounds, insights and perspectives. It’s a brilliant opportunity to learn, share experiences and create memories with others. And have fun!

Where should I go on a small group tour in Africa?
There are so many amazing countries and experiences to choose from. We offer everything from quintessential safaris in destinations like Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, to gorilla-trekking trips in Rwanda and Uganda, and tours in exotic locations such as Namibia, Morocco and Madagascar.

When should I go on a small group tour in Africa?
Depending on where you want to go, some months may be better than others. Keep in mind July and August will always be busier and a little more expensive as it’s high season in Africa and also the summer holidays for those living in the USA, UK and Europe. Namibia, Botswana and South Africa are great all year round – it just depends on your preferred season and temperature. Group tours to Rwanda and Uganda are mostly year round too, while tours in Kenya
and Tanzania also run most of the year – the time you go will usually be determined according to what part of the wildebeest migration you wish to see. More on when to travel

Who travels on small groups tours in Africa?
Generally speaking we find group tours in Africa are most popular with older travellers who like the socialising and sense of security that a group tour affords, plus the added benefit of a tour leader to keep them organised. Tours are also popular with solo travellers because it gives them the freedom to explore alone, but the added protection and advantages of travelling with other like-minded individuals. Finally, travellers on tight budgets enjoy African tours like this because it’s often more cost-effective travelling in groups (please note, we don’t offer backpacking options – all of our tour options are mid- to high-end).

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What else do I need to know about small group tours in Africa?

If you’re an independent traveller and like to set your own itinerary when you go on holiday, group travel might not be for you. There’s less flexibility and you’ll have to adhere to a set itinerary with strict times. You also need to be patient, kind and empathetic and just generally like people and making new friends, because on a group tour you’ll spend an intense, concentrated period of time with other people.

Why should I book through EA?

Every small group tour on our books has been handpicked by us, so you can be assured of an amazing experience guided by a local expert. Whatever tour you decide to do, our team can book it for you – plus every other aspect of your trip. As well as the convenience of having all of your arrangements organised by one company, you’ll also benefit from 24/7 support and assistance while you’re away, thanks to our Guests in Africa service. 

We also offer:

  • Highly qualified guides with great personalities
  • Tours on 4×4 vehicles customised for maximum wildlife viewing and comfort
  • A guaranteed window seat on wildlife tours (if you’re on a tight budget, we also have a handful of tours that take more people – by sharing time at the window you keep costs down)
  • Non-participatory lodgings so you can enjoy every moment of your Africa tour, rather than having to pitch tents and stir pots!
  • Exceptional guaranteed departures (with a minimum of two travellers)
  • Some tours that waive the single supplement at certain times of the year

What’s the next step?

If the idea of a small group tour appeals, let’s chat. Once we know what interests you, when you can travel and the budget you have in mind, we’ll suggest a small selection of incredible tours that we think will suit you perfectly. Then all you have to do is choose your favourite and start packing!

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