All you need to know:

Light aircraft flights in Africa


Flying in light aircraft means that you:

1. kick start the adventure from the moment you board the light aircraft

2. avoid sitting around inside airport terminals with long check in periods

3. avoid long bumpy road transfers 

4. get to see a great deal of wilderness from the air

5. meet some wonderful bush pilots and hear about their adventures

6. won’t get ‘fed’ on the plane due to limited space. We do our best to ensure you have ample food along the way either ‘lunch boxes’ from the camp you are departing or early meals where you soon arrive.

7. will have a strict luggage allowance of 15 or 20 kilograms in total including hand luggage.

8. need to have soft sided bags as hard cases with wheels do not fit within the tiny luggage holds of the light aircrafts.

9. can pay for additional seat and thus increase your luggage allowance. This is common amongst our photographers on safari.

10. travel in style and get there quicker.

The types of air safaris and transport we can offer our guests include, not limited to:

  • Helicopter scenic flights and transfers
  • Light aircraft scenic flights and transfers
  • Private charter flights
  • Hot air ballooning safaris
  • Microlighting

Need help with an air safari?

Our trip planners are destination specialists and here to assist you every step of the way. We:

• Give you great advice
• Find you the best deals and get you the best prices
• Take care of all the details
• Are on hand 24/7 while you’re travelling, giving you total peace of mind

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