Morocco travel information

Getting There

Morocco has four main international airports, in Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fes, and Tangier. There are also domestic airports and airfields that connect major towns and destinations.

Passport and Visas

You need a current passport with six months’ validity from the date you return home and two blank pages. You also need a return air ticket. Visas are not required if visiting for less than three months.

Weather and Climate

Morocco’s climate is generally subtropical, though can vary in accordance to its geography. The coastal cities are cooled by the breezes from the Atlantic and Mediterranean, with summer temperatures of 18-28°C and winter temperatures of 8-17°C. Climate in the interior tends to be more extreme; the summer days hotter with temperatures between 29-38°C and the winters colder, days averaging 18°C and nights dropping between 5-7°C. In the Atlas Mountains, summer days are warm and sunny with cooler nights, while winter temperatures can drop below freezing with plenty of snow. The peaks are snow-capped almost all year round. Rainfall is varied depending on location, from 200mm to 800mm annually.

Getting Around

Itineraries in Morocco mostly involve road transfers with a private guide and 4×4 vehicle. This is the best way to take in Morocco’s dramatic landscapes and sights. Keep in mind road conditions can slow you down sometimes.


Consult your GP or a travel doctor at least six weeks before you travel. You may be required or recommended to get vaccinations for measles, typhoid and hepatitis A & B, among others. Malaria prophylactics are generally not required.


The local currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Credit cards are accepted in most larger towns and tourist centres, and ATMs are widely available in cities and larger towns.


Arabic and Berber are the two official languages in Morocco. French is widely used in administration and education, and English is spoken but to a lesser extent.

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