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Kenya is a country you’ll fall in love with easily. This is the original safari destination, rich in wilderness, wildlife and fascinating cultures. It’s home to the world-renowned Masai Mara and the greatest wildlife show on earth – the wildebeest migration. 

Look beyond Kenya’s trademark national parks and you’ll find yourself exploring beautiful Indian Ocean beaches, shimmering Rift Valley lakes, towering mountains, lush forests and magnificent lesser-known reserves. All this and more is in store if you choose Kenya as your next holiday destination.

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Kenya holiday tips

Sitting on the east coast of Africa, Kenya has seen human habitation for thousands of years.

To this day, it’s a truly multicultural melting pot thanks to a long, colourful and chequered history that encompasses everything from Nilotic tribes such as the red-robed Maasai using land for grazing, to the trading of spices and slaves during the days of Portuguese colonisation and the Omani Empire.

Most destinations on our Kenya holiday itineraries shine brightest between January and the end of March, when it’s mostly dry and temperatures are mild.

If you’re travelling to see the Great Wildebeest Migration July to October is the ideal time, but don’t count out the rainy seasons (mid-March to June, and October to December) – they’re still worth considering as you’ll avoid crowds and benefit from fewer tourists and lower price tags.

If a beach holiday is on the agenda and you want to miss the extreme heat, we recommend avoiding the coastline between March and May, when temperatures – not to mention rainfall – are at their peak.

Getting around Kenya is easy with an impressive schedule of light aircraft flights between places. We also offer private guided safaris in 4×4 vehicles – keep in mind road conditions mean slower transit times and often bumpy rides.

The local currency is the Kenyan shilling. US dollars and credit cards are widely accepted.

Swahili and English are the two official languages in Kenya.

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