Covid-19 Travel Safety Information

posted 8th June 2022 by Danica Wilson in Travel Advice

Covid-19 Travel Safety Information for peace of mind. Know what to expect while travelling and follow some simple guidelines to stay safe in Africa.

Here you will find helpful information on what you need to know before departure, while travelling in Africa and when you leave Africa to return home.


Before you travel to Africa

Please be sure to check you are eligible for travel, meet the visa requirements and have taken the right steps. Every country has a set of regulations, visa requirements and health and safety guidelines.

Most travellers must meet Covid-19 vaccine requirements before travelling to Africa by air. If you are not double vaccinated, please bring this to our attention early on because it may impact the destinations available to you.  Make sure you have the necessary paperwork to prove your vaccination status.

A number of international airlines require passengers to produce a certificate of a negative COVID-19 PCR test that has been conducted within 72 hours of departure. The same may be required when arriving at any transit airport.  Fortunately,  travel restrictions and COVID-19 protocols are easing by the minute world over. This means that more and more African destinations no longer require fully vaccinated visitors to undergo PCR testing prior to departure or on arrival. 


While you’re in Africa

Depending on the countries you’re visiting, you may be given a RAT to complete at the airport. Again this is changing constantly as Covid-19 related restrictions ease.

Keep track of where you’ve been if it’s not listed in your itinerary already. Do your best to keep physical distance and wear a face mask where required, particularly busy airports an transport hubs.

We recommend you carry a stash of tests. If you develop symptoms,  you can do a test or ask for help fining the nearest Covid-19 testing centre.

If you return a positive result, it’s important to isolate immediately and contact your Guest in Africa representative. We can then ascertain what quarantine or self-isolation conditions apply in the country you’re in and go from there. Just be prepared for the possibility you. may be in Africa longer than planned and the itinerary may require alterations (at additional expense).


Returning home

If you are an Australian, you must complete a digital passenger declaration if you are arriving home by air. There is also a maritime travel declaration if arriving by sea.

Please note rules on arrival may vary depending on the state or territory you arrive in. So it’s important to check what will apply to you upon return home.

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