Carry On, it’s a Safari

posted 24th March 2015 by Danica Wilson in Insider Scoop

What to Pack

A safari holiday in the planning – you should be excited!  You don’t need to worry about what to pack. We can help give you some ideas.

Firstly, with airlines becoming more stringent about carry on luggage and the limited luggage allowance on light aircraft charter flights (15 – 20 kilograms in total including hand luggage and main bag!), packing right is becoming more and more important. Knowing what to pack in your hand luggage can make your transfers and flights much smoother.

Let’ face it, arriving without your main luggage can happen (we’ve had it happen very rarely with guests, five times in ten years and one of those times was our Managing Director) and whilst inconvenient, having a well packed carry on bag means you can start your safari without being too uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

So what are the must have items in your carry-on luggage? It has taken fourteen years to master the art of hand luggage and here is what you will find in mine, certainly not hairdryer, straightener or umbrella.

Medication:  Any medication you need to take when travelling should be with you in your hand luggage. I pack malaria tablets, motion sickness, nausea and painkillers.

Keeping Comfortable:  To ensure I am always comfortable and protected, I make sure my hand luggage has sun screen, insect repellent, hand sanitiser, antihistamine cream and a hat. Just don’t forget the 100ml per item rule on planes.

Smooth Sailing:  Any time you travel, smooth sailing should be a priority so have with you passport, all money, bank cards, full itinerary, flight tickets and emergency contact numbers. Many of our guests save copies of these items on a USB stick and have this in their main bag and another in their hand luggage so all bases are covered!

Gizmos and Gadgets: Many of us cannot travel without modern day gizmos and gadgets like mobile phones. Remember to unlock your phone so you can buy a local sim to avoid expensive international roaming fees. Also remember chargers and power adaptors as plug points vary in every country.  Other electronics I take include ipad so I can store photos and email family when I do come into WIFI access. Camera, memory cards, batteries and chargers are essential and often cause the most heartache because they can be heavy.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: It is important to feel good when travelling, so I always pack my toothbrush and small toothpaste in my hand luggage and brush!  I also take a scarf – it’s great to keep me warm, cover up any food stains gained whilst ‘in air’ eating and act as an extra pillow!

Be Prepared: This is a precaution only really, take a change of clothes. This is important because on the very slim chance your main bag doesn’t make the plane, you will have at least a spare set to see you through the night.

Inner Secrets:  Common sense really, wear sunglasses, scarves and jumpers when bags are getting weighed and keep any containers small. Remember zip lock bags do a great job and holding things together and are light weight.

EA Rules:  I travel light and smart (I hope). I pack a week before I am due to depart so I can revisit, repack and reduce weight. I want to ensure I have all the essentials in my hand luggage so I am comfortable and prepared and can focus on enjoying my safari holiday.

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