Luggage on light aircraft in Africa

posted 13th September 2023 by Danica Wilson in Travel Advice

Are you flying in Africa in light aircraft?

For a smooth adventure in Africa, we encourage you to ensure you comply with the following luggage on light aircraft regulations.

Recent incidents of excess baggage causing boarding only emphasise the importance of this reminder. 

So, take a moment to review these friendly guidelines to ensure your safety and comfort on your upcoming African safari adventure. 

Weight restrictions on light aircraft

Light aircraft flights come with strict weight restrictions. So let’s jump straight in.

Most East African light aircraft companies have a 15 kilogram total baggage allowance per person. This includes the main bag and hand luggage.

In Southern Africa, it’s typically 20 kilograms total, including hand luggage.

For precise rules, always consult your travel expert or the airlines website.

Remember at the end of the day, it’s the pilots that have the authority to deny loading excess or improperly sized baggage. So if you anticipate exceeding the weight limit, why not consider booking additional freight allowance or another sea (if available) to avoid issues at the airport.

Also keep in mind, there is a human weight limit that varies between 85 kilograms to 100 kilograms per seat.

Types of luggage on light aircraft

Small aircraft flights have strict regulations around the types of bags that will be loaded.

It is because storage space on these aircraft is limited and therefore luggage should be soft sided so they can be ‘squashed and manipulated’ into small spaces in the plane.

Please ensure it meets other requirements like size/dimensions. Again it’s best to refer to the airline luggage allowance section of their website.