Care for Africa

posted 8th June 2022 by Danica Wilson in Conservation and Charity

Africa is a treasure chest of priceless gems

And everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to care for Africa. There are some simple guidelines while exploring Africa or anywhere in the world:

Tread lightly as you travel and leave no trace.

Travel safely and wisely, showing care and consideration for all you encounter.

Respect local cultures and communities – you’re in their territory.

Travel with an open heart and mind.

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Be prepared

Africa is a vast continent and every country is different. We want all of our guests to experience a rewarding and safe holiday in Africa.  It pays to be prepared wherever you travel and that includes some precautions.

Make sure all of your documentation is in order and keep multiple copies in different places. Get travel insurance for peace of mind. But with care and common sense, your visit to Arica should be incident free! See a travel doctor 6 weeks prior to departure and take your itinerary. This will help the Doc determine what vaccinations and medication is required.

Tipping is commonplace, so travel with small notes of local currency or US. dollars.

Pack wisely

Caring for Africa includes what you pack in your bag because travelling can create a lot of unnecessary waste!

Make sure you’re across regulations in the destinations you’re visiting because plastic bags are illegal in many African countries.

We highly recommend packing eco-friendly toiletries. They are a great alternative for you and the planet! Don’t fill your toiletry bag with mini bottles and sample size beauty products because these are a burden on the environment (unless you recycle them).

Look for zero waste packaging or thoughtful design, ethically sourced products and low environmental impact.

When it comes to clothing, less is more! You don’t want to overpack. Focus on lightweight, breathable clothing that can be used in layers for warmth because temperatures across Africa fluctuate even morning to night! Packing cubes will CHANGE your life if you’ve not discovered them already. You compartmentalise everything like clothes, undies even cables and electronics!

But wait… you’ll need to bear in mind luggage weight and dimension limits. If you’ve got light aircraft flights in your itinerary (highly likely), you’ll need to swap your suitcase on wheels for a soft sided bag without a frame!

Don’t worry, we’ve got a recommended packing list in the guest portal you get access to upon booking!

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Embrace the ukarimu

Ukarimu is all about warmth, kindness and hospitality (in Swahili).

You will notice this is something which all Africans working in tourism pride themselves on.

The greatest smiles, infectious belly laughter and rhythm like you’ve never seen before will truly touch your heart.

There will be opportunities to share stories, dance, laugh and perhaps cry if you open your heart to it.

The moments we cherish most from all our time in Africa is with friendly locals who welcomed us in without question or prejudice.

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